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Discover the possibilities of movement technology
Want to present a product in a striking way? Or want to use movement effectively? Pre-Motion designs and manufactures revolving platforms and display conveyors for a variety of engaging projects. We make innovative, user-friendly systems. Many products can optionally be enhanced with smart controls and/or a beautiful finish.

Where would you like to use movement?
Movement technology is multifunctional and has a wide range of applications. Turntables and display conveyors generate more attention for your product and will therefore have a positive effect on your sales. You can find our moving systems in restaurants, at trade shows and in (photo) studios, for instance. We rent and sell our products to a wide variety of international customers: from multinationals like Google Android, Volkswagen, Audi and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, to independent retailers in shopping districts.

About Pre-Motion Our projects

Reliable turntables in all kinds of sizes
You can use 360-degree movement in very functional ways, for product photography, trade show presentations or in TV studios, for instance. Choose from our wide 360° series: from small, electric turntables in our web shop to large revolving platforms up to Ø 8 metres.

Revolving platform for appealing online car presentations
A good online car presentation, with gorgeous photo series of the used cars on offer, is becoming more and more important. As a result many automotive companies increasingly feel the need to automate the car photography process. A sturdy and stable revolving platform is indispensable for this. Our experience with revolving cars at major auto shows has led to high-quality Photo-Motion solutions for car photography.

Designer display conveyors for all kinds of applications
Movement draws attention, stimulates emotions and has a positive effect on your sales. Our conveyor belt systems are used for original product presentations and creative food presentations. You’ll find Pre-Motion’s moving eye-catchers in sushi restaurants, in shop windows and at trade shows, for instance.

Pre-Motion designs and manufactures in-house

To make all applications possible, Pre-Motion develops and manufactures the moving systems in-house. Our product developers start from the wishes of customers and end-users. For built-in systems we collaborate closely with clients, interior builders and architects. This way we can turn any standard product into a unique custom design. Read more about our production.

How do we make technology beautiful and universally applicable?

The exterior of our display conveyors gets a designer finish. This makes our conveyor belt systems things of beauty at any fair or event. Our turntables are high quality and heavy duty. We make sure you can incorporate the revolving platform perfectly into your space. The use of durable materials ensures you of a long service life.

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