Catwalker Single Lane | mobile

Catwalker Single Lane | mobile

Create a conveyor-belt route for your catering, shop window or showroom. By combining straight and curved modules you can create the desired route for your catwalker. With some basic technical skills you can install and disassemble this mobile system yourself. Perfect for food and product presentations! Also check out the version for permanent installation or the rental version.

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  • Put your product presentation in the spotlight
  • Compose your ideal route from various modules
  • You can move this mobile version yourself

Average project price

Production to order, expected delivery time approx. 6 weeks
Turn your product presentation or food presentation into a visceral experience

This conveyor-belt system is suitable for moving product presentations and food presentations. Place your food, drinks or products on the catwalk and they will ‘walk’ around in your shop window, museum or event location. Your products are guaranteed to attract attention. The conveyor belt is only 7 cm high. With its slim display belt and black side finish it’s a sleek design. The optional LED lighting gives the conveyor a futuristic appearance and will attract even more attention!

Presenting products on the conveyor belt

The presentation platters are Ø 14 cm. If needed, the product you wish to display may be somewhat bigger, as long as its centre fits on the presentation platter. Pre-Motion also offers longer presentation platters of 35 cm. Especially for slightly larger products like shoes.

The Catwalker Single Lane has a Ø 14 cm presentation platter every 18 cm. It’s up to you whether you want to fill the entire display conveyor with a presentation platter every 18 cm. If you do, there will be about 2 cm distance between presentation platters.

You may also opt to have fewer platters go around on the conveyor belt. With 1 presentation platter every 36 cm, for instance. This way, there will be about 20 cm distance between presentation platters.

Incorporating the Catwalker into your space

Determine the ideal layout of your space and draw the route of the conveyor belt in your plan. Can’t make it fit with our standard-length modules? Order one straight piece made to size. We charge slightly extra for this. Curved modules of deviating size require custom work; making a curved module to size is more complicated and therefore considerably more expensive.

Combining the conveyor belt with furniture

The conveyor belt is only 7 cm high and does not require a complicated support structure. Simply place the Catwalker on top of your bar or table; any stable surface will do. All that’s required is a small recess in your furniture where the motor will be. You may also mount the conveyor belt flush with your furniture. This way, only the top surface will be visible!

Concept idea: have your Catwalker enter your exhibition or trade fair booth from behind a wall.

Personal advice

Questions about this product? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion.

Rather rent a display conveyor or buy a permanent conveyor belt? Check out the permanent version for sale or the rental version.

Transport options

We offer three options:

  • 1. You collect the Catwalker at our company in Ede (the Netherlands). We provide an installation and disassembly training in our workshop so that you can install the conveyor belt yourself from then on.
  • 2. Pre-Motion takes care of transport to your company’s location. We provide an installation and disassembly training at your location so that you can install the conveyor belt yourself from then on.
  • 3. Pre-Motion has the conveyor belt delivered at your company’s location. We include a detailed user manual so that you can install the conveyor belt yourself.

Mobile display conveyor installation and disassembly

We have designed this mobile presentation system to be as user-friendly as possible; you can easily connect the modules. Nevertheless, installation does involve one technical step: connecting and tightening the chain. If you want to vary conveyor belt set-ups, each route will need its own chain, made to length. You may shorten or lengthen the chain yourself. It’s easier, however, to order an extra chain for each length you’ll use regularly.

Transport crates and storage

We recommend you transport the conveyor belt in a flight case made to size, to avoid damage. With less frequent use, where the system remains in one building, a cheaper solution will suffice.

Pre-Motion can have a flight case made for you; ready for easy transport and storage of your conveyor belt. You may also decide on another system that suits your usage and transport needs. In that case, we will deliver the modules in a wooden crate.

Installation and operation

Pre-Motion will deliver and install the conveyor belt at your location. When we come to install the conveyor, it’s important your furniture is ready for installation. The Catwalker can be mounted on top of your furniture or flush with its surface. Important: the furniture must be flat and mustn’t bend under the weight.

Depending on the size of the conveyor belt, there will be 1 or more motors underneath. These small motors are noiseless, so they won’t annoy people. The underside of the conveyor belt is flat, only the motor sticks out. The motor sticks out approximately 20 centimetres under the display conveyor. Make a small recess in your furniture and the motor will be invisible for your guests/visitors! Beware: avoid completely closing in the motor, as it needs proper ventilation. Hanging it unobstructed in an empty piece of furniture will usually work fine.

Photo: underside of conveyor belt with motor

The Catwalker requires a 230 V power outlet. With the included control box the conveyor belt can be operated (start, stop and speed). This box measures 30 x 20 x 8 cm. From the control box a single cable runs to the motor(s) underneath the conveyor belt. Optional LED lighting in the sides will require an additional 230 V power outlet.

Photo: control box

Combining standard modules

Pre-Motion offers standard conveyor-belt modules. By combining straight modules and curves, you can create your own Route Around. The basic set consists of 4 curves and 2 straight pieces. Between these 6 modules you can add all kinds of straight and curved modules. This way you can create very flexible routes of up to 70 metres!

The conveyor belt is 7 cm high and 18 cm wide. Available lengths:

  • Straight parts: 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm. We can manufacture a straight connecting piece to size, in case you can’t get things to fit with the standard-length modules. We charge slightly extra for this.

  • Curved pieces: 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm.

    • U-turn: 100 x 50 cm.

Tailor-made sushi conveyor belt

Are you looking for a Route Around of deviating dimensions? At extra cost we also offer tailor-made display conveyors.