Turning motor MAX 1000 kg | rent

Turning motor MAX 1000 kg | rent

This rental turning motor is nicknamed the Octopus because of its extendable arms. This revolving device is compact and is often rented for presentations of small vehicles like motorcycles, as well as for show acts. For rent with controls included and sliding contact optional. Its maximum centric load is 1000 kg.
  • Compact and therefore easy to transport
  • High maximum load (1000 kg) when loaded centrically
  • Perfect for booth builders who want to finish the platform themselves
Starting at € 1440.- ex. VAT
Availability depending on your rental period
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Rent a turning device with extendable arms

This turning motor is suitable for turning heavy products up to 1000 kg. The turning device is very compact and therefore easy to transport. Make sure the top surface you mount on the turning motor is no larger than Ø 2 m. Furthermore, remember the weight on the presentation disc must be distributed evenly. Want your turntable to carry loads outside its centre? Check out our stable Revolving Stage Light: suitable for eccentric loads up to 500 kg.

Controls included, sliding contact optional

This turning device comes with a convenient control box. These standard controls allow you to start and stop, select clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and adjust speed. Attached to the turning motor is 5-metre-long cable to the control box. Attached to the control box is a 2-metre-long cable to plug into a power outlet. Rent the turntable with a sliding contact included if the product you wish to display needs a power outlet on the platform.

Examples of applications
  • Rotating advertising pillar
  • Moped presentation
  • Machine presentation

Tip: To help determine whether this revolving platform is suitable for your product presentation, compare the size of your product to the examples of applications.

Load the turntable centrically

Because of the extendable arms it’s important to load this turntable as centrically as possible with products up to 1000 kg. The turntable is driven from its centre. In addition to the carrying capacity, it’s important to take into account the height and width of the product to be presented. These measurements will affect which turning motor you’ll need. With larger and higher products the leverage effect comes into play. This means the maximum carrying capacity is reduced considerably with larger products. In that case, choose a large revolving stage for your product presentation.

Personal advice

Do you have questions about this turning motor with extendable arms? Feel free to contact us.

Max. centrical load 1000 kg
Carrying plate diameter Adjustable: 140 – 190 cm
Max. diameter presentation disc (advice) Ø 200 cm
Overall height 19.5 cm
Dead weight Approx. 140 kg
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes, with speed control (0.5 - 1.2 rotation/minute)
Housing material Steel
Power consumption 60 Watt
Power supply Operates on 230V (grounded plug with 2 m cord)
Suitable for outdoor use? No
Collecting ring Optionally (16 A)
Buy or rent? Rent
Rotation speed 1.0 rotation/minute
Direction Adjustable (clockwise/counter-clockwise)
Possible application Standing
Rent this revolving platform from Pre-Motion:
  • Choose your product and options and request a quote.
  • Pre-Motion will check for availability during your indicated rental period.
  • We’ll ship the turning motor to you, or you can pick it up in Ede, the Netherlands.
  • At the end of the hire period, you should ensure that the turntable is returned to us (you can do this using the normal post office parcel service).
  • The costs of return shipment will be your responsibility.