Banquet from the sushi conveyor at Sushi Here

A real sushi bar cannot do without a sushi conveyor. Pre-Motion designed, manufactured and installed one for Sushi Here in Liege. The sushi dishes arrive from the kitchen. They travel from the kitchen, through the wall across the bar, slowly passing the guests. In the centre of the sushi conveyor staff is serving drinks.

Different from previous projects, the conveyor is resting on top of the bar. The side is finished beautifully in a milky white acrylic. Outside peak times, staff removes half of the display tables. This way the conveyor belt does not appear to be any less empty.

Original food presentations Twin Lane display conveyor

Restaurant Sushi Here

Characteristics of this sushi conveyor belt

  • Catwalker Twin Lane
  • U-shape, approximately 16 metres
  • Angular design
  • Matte finish top
  • Milky white acrylic finish sides

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