Sushi restaurant Fusion Amsterdam

Over 100 metres of conveyor belt integrated in grill concept

Pre-Motion delivered the four LED lighting conveyor belt systems in this restaurant. The dishes pass by on the four moving conveyor belts along customer's tables, or are prepared for them right on the spot. We designed and manufactured the sushi conveyors in the Netherlands.

Unique conveyor belt concept
In Amsterdam, there’s no other grill restaurant like this one. There’s literally 'a world of flavours passing by'! The unique moving conveyor belt systems are the secret of this restaurant. You stay seated, while the dishes pass you by. At your own table you are able to prepare whatever you feel like: chicken, meat, fish or vegetables... there’s more than enough to choose from.

Original food presentations Twin Lane display conveyor

Characteristics of this sushi conveyor belt

  • Catwalker Twin Lane, 100 metres in length
  • 40 cm wide I-shape
  • Angular design
  • Matte finish top
  • Milky white acrylic finish sides including LED lighting

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