Catwalker Giant Baggage Belt | rent

Catwalker Giant Baggage Belt | rent

This Baggage Belt, measuring 400 x 175 cm, is suitable for displaying large products. A classy eye-catcher for your exhibition stand or shop window. The 30 ‘scales’ on the display conveyor can carry up to 10 kg each. For rent with or without white support furniture. You can also buy this Baggage Belt.

  • Airport look-alike!
  • Furniture optional
  • Classy finish
Starting at € 2,360.- ex. VAT
Availability depending on your rental period
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Moving display conveyor for large products

On the Giant Baggage Belt you can display large products going around. The conveyor belt is made of high-quality black plastic. The scales move on top of each other. The display conveyor is suitable for a moving presentation of bags, suitcases or similar products. Place them on the catwalk and the products move around in your event hall or your exhibition stand. Would you rather buy this Baggage Belt? Check out the for-sale version.

Presenting products on the Giant Baggage Belt

The 30 ‘scales’ of the display conveyor can carry up to 10 kg each. Depending on the length and number of the objects to be displayed, this weight may be exceeded after a consultation with us.

Optional white support structure also for rent

Place the 4 x 1.75 metre black display conveyor on a flat surface. Along with the conveyor belt you can optionally rent white furniture designed especially for this product. If you’re going to design your own furniture, be sure to include a recess for the motor, which sticks out approximately 13 cm under the Baggage Belt.

Personal advice

Questions about this product? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion.

Length x width 400 x 175 cm
Height 9 cm (excl. motor) / 21 cm (incl. motor) / 67 cm (incl. furniture)
Max. number of presentation platters 30
Width of the conveyor belt 40 cm belt with 30 ‘scales’
Max. load per presentation platter 10 kg
Available side finishes Black
Rotation speed Min. 2 / max. 4 metres per minute
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Direction Counter-clockwise, Clockwise
Housing material High-quality black plastic
Power consumption 240 Watt
Power supply Standard plug, operates on 230 VAC / 10A
Buy or rent? Rent
Renting with Pre-Motion, how does it work?
  • Send your quote request for the Catwalker Baggage Belt.
  • Pre-Motion will discuss the rental period and further details of your product with you.
  • We will come and install the Baggage Belt at your (event) location in time.
  • After the rental period, Pre-Motion will disassemble the Baggage Belt for you.