Catwalker Giant Twin Lane | rent

Catwalker Giant Twin Lane | rent

Create your own products catwalk with this rental conveyor belt. By combining straight and curved modules you can compose a creative route. This system is suitable for the presentation of large products up to 30 kg per presentation platter. You can rent this conveyor belt for a single day! You can also buy this display conveyor..

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  • Create your own catwalk
  • Make your product presentation stand out!
  • For long and short rental periods
Average project price: € 4,000 - € 7,000
Availability depending on your rental period
Conveyor belt for large products

The Catwalker Giant is the largest conveyor belt in our range. This catwalk is suitable for moving displays of large products like mannequins or designer chairs in large spaces. Place them on the display conveyor and they’ll ‘walk’ through your event hall, department store or showroom. This way, attention for your models will be guaranteed.

Presenting products on this Catwalker Giant

This display conveyor has been designed for products of about 30 kg per platter. Depending on the length and number of the objects to be displayed, this weight may be exceeded after consultation with us. The presentation platters are 38 cm across. The product may be somewhat larger, as long as its base fits within the Ø 38 cm.

Surface mounted or recessed display conveyor

Place the conveyor belt on any flat surface you want. This display conveyor is often installed on the floor or on supports. The conveyor belt can also be installed flush with the surface of your presentation furniture. If so desired, Pre-Motion can also include adjustable feet with this presentation system. With adjustable feet, the conveyor belt will be 23 cm high (instead of 10 cm). Feel free to enquire about the possibilities and (added) costs.

Personal advice

Questions about this product? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion.

Combining modules

Pre-Motion offers standard conveyor-belt modules. By combining straight modules and curves, you can create your own Route Return. The basic set consists of 1 straight piece and 2 end pieces. By combining straight and curved modules, you can create your own products catwalk. Have your product appear from behind a wall, for instance! The standard model of this conveyor belt is 10 cm high. The standard length and width of the conveyor belt are:

  • Curve: 100 x 100 cm
  • End piece: 100 x 100 cm
  • Straight parts: 100 x 100 cm and 200 x 100 cm

Giant Twin Lane modules

Example of conveyor-belt route (200 x 300 cm)

Giant Twin Lane route

Renting with Pre-Motion, how does it work?
  • Create the conveyor-belt route you want.
  • Pre-Motion will discuss the rental period and further details of your product with you.
  • We will come and install the display conveyor at your (event) location in time.
  • After the rental period, Pre-Motion will disassemble the Giant Twin Lane for you.