Catwalker Compact | buy

Catwalker Compact | buy

Compact conveyor belt with a unique design. No technical installation required and easy to move. Perfect for event catering and product presentations. Choice of lengths of 150 - 300 cm. Various versions available. Also for rent.
  • Guaranteed to attract attention
  • Easy to move
  • Choice of 4 lengths
Starting at € 4,845.- ex. VAT
Quick delivery, expected delivery time 2 - 4 weeks
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Buy Plug & Play sushi conveyor

Thanks to its manageable size this conveyor-belt system is perfect for catering companies, restaurants or product presentations. Place your dishes or products on the conveyor belt and have your guests or visitors pick what they want. Would you prefer renting this sushi conveyor? Check out our rental version.

Presenting on the Catwalker Compact

The display conveyor is 50 cm wide by default (also available in 40 cm wide). The Catwalker Compact has presentation platters of Ø 14 cm gliding smoothly over the top. If needed, the product you wish to display can be up to 22 cm, as long as its centre fits on the platter. You can easily vary the number of presentation platters on your conveyor belt. This can come in handy when you want to display larger products (< 22 cm) like shoes in your store, for example.

Support structure and LED lighting optional

Simply place the Plug & Play conveyor on your existing bar, a table or our specially-designed furniture. This conveyor belt is only 7 centimetres high. All that’s required is a little cut-out in your furniture for the 13-centimetre motor underneath the sushi belt. With the optional LED lighting, the Catwalker Compact will attract even more attention.

Personal advice

Questions about this product? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion.

Length x width 150 x 50 cm, 200 x 50 cm, 250 x 50 cm, 300 x 50 cm
Height 7 cm
Motor height (hangs under Catwalker) 20 cm
Dead weight 45 - 60 kg
Max. number of presentation platters 150 cm: 16 pcs, 200 cm: 22 pcs, 250 cm: 28 pcs, 300 cm: 34 pcs
Diameter presentation platters Ø14 cm
Maximum load Max. 2 kg per presentation platter - Max. 30 kg total load on conveyor
Total display length of the conveyor Approx. 3 - 6 meter
Available design Round corners, Sharp corners
Available top surface finishes Matte black, Glossy black
Available side finishes Black, Brushed stainless steel, Milky-white acrylic (with LED lighting)
Include optional white furniture? (200 or 300 cm) Yes
Rotation speed Min. 2 / max. 5 metres per minute
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Direction Clockwise by default (counter-clockwise optional)
Power consumption 120 Watt
Power supply Standard plug, operates on 230 VAC / 10A (extra plug in case of LED lighting)
Buy or rent? Buy
Transport options

The conveyor belt can be collected at our company in Ede (the Netherlands), or delivered at your location in a wooden crate. Pre-Motion can even, for an extra cost, install the conveyor at your location.

Installation and operation

This Catwalker requires no technical installation. The presentation platters glide over the top of the catwalk. The conveyor belt itself does not move, so it can easily be mounted on top of a piece of furniture, or built into it.

The underside of the conveyor belt is flat. Only the motor sticks out, approximately 20 cm. Make a small recess in your furniture and the motor will be invisible for the crowd! Beware: Avoid completely closing in the motor, as it needs proper ventilation. Hanging it unobstructed in an empty piece of furniture will usually work fine.

Photo: underside of conveyor belt with motor

The Catwalker requires a 230 V power outlet. With the included control box the conveyor belt can be operated (start, stop and speed). This control box measures 30 x 20 x 8 cm. From the control box, a single cable runs to the motor underneath the conveyor belt. Optional LED lighting in the sides will require an additional 230 V power outlet.

Photo: control box