Turntable supplier and partner

Have you developed your own concept for things like product photography or 3D animations? Or does your photo studio supply lighting, parts, accessories and so on? If you’re looking for a reliable partner with high-quality turntables, we’d love to be your supplier and service partner.

Collaboration with Pre-Motion

If you’re interested, please contact us. We’ll discuss your specific plans and the role Pre-Motion could play in them. Depending on your activities and experience with engineering, we can decide whether you can take care of installation yourself, or let Pre-Motion take care of installation and service.

As a turntable manufacturer, we don’t enter partnerships with just anyone; we greatly value productive collaboration and clear agreements. Discounts are negotiable. But only provided several turntables are purchased at once, or if there’s a kickback-fee after proven annual revenue.

White label opportunities

With greater numbers, white label branding is an option. Please enquire about the possibilities.

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