Your turntable made to order

Tailor-made turntable
Medium turntables and large revolving stages are available in a variety of sizes. Looking for a non-standard size? We can help; we can adjust the size of your revolving platform in 50-cm increments. In exceptional cases we can even provide custom solutions to the millimetre. Often, customization only pays off with large numbers of turntables. Feel free to contact our turntable specialists for more information.

Tailor-made photo box turntable for car photography
For a variety of clients from the automotive industry we design Photo-Motion spaces. We always provide the foundation: a sturdy and reliable car turntable. In addition, clients are free to choose extra options, including a complete studio box. This way, our Photo-Motion product line offers a tailor-made solution for car photography for any automotive company.


Do you have special wishes for your turntable? We’re happy to assist!

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