Large revolving stages

Turntables are available in various sizes: from Ø 2-metre revolving platforms you can install yourself, if so desired, to large revolving stages of up to Ø 8 metres. Whichever size you choose, a Pre-Motion turntable is stable and low-noise, and can usually be installed within a day.

We sell large revolving platforms for permanent installation at your location. Some of these revolving stages are also suitable for mobile use (Ø 2, Ø 2.5, Ø 3, Ø 5.5 and Ø 8 m). Would you rather use a turntable just one time at your trade fair or other event? You can rent a turntable for a single day or longer.

Revolving stage as dance floor

Characteristics of large revolving platforms

What are the advantages of a Pre-Motion turntable?

  • Many applications
  • For rent and for sale for long-term use
  • Adjustable speed (positioning optional)
  • Industrial quality and in-house manufacture
  • Pre-Motion can take care of installation

Turntables available in various sizes (Ø 2 - 8 metres)


'We have been doing business with Pre-Motion for several years. After a long search, we found the perfect turntable at Pre-Motion. We rent it for almost every trade fair that our company participates in. We have a heavy load, but the rotating platform can easily handle it! Convenient and quick installation and disassembling. De rotating stage and its controls look neat and well cared for. I would highly recommend this company!'

M. de Waal - De Waal B.V.

International purchased projects

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