Dynamic catering on the conveyor belt

Competition is fierce in the catering industry. As a caterer or party service you want to distinguish yourself. Are you looking for a special, distinctive concept? Present your food and drinks on a conveyor belt!

A moving catering system in a nice designer finish will appeal to clients and guests alike.

Event catering showcases

Make your catering buffet extra appealing


Moving display conveyors are trendy eye-catchers at events, parties and festivals. For sale and for rent in all kinds of sizes. Some conveyor belt systems are even available with furniture included.

You can rent a display conveyor for a single day or longer. Suitable for all sorts of events: office parties, weddings, culinary festivals, trade fairs, and so on.


  • Serve many guests with few staff
  • Hygienic and maintenance-free
  • Presentation furniture optional

Renting or buying a conveyor belt system - Pre-Motion furniture optional

Plug & play display conveyor 6
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Compact conveyor belt to take to any project. Easy to install on any table or bar.
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Check out Catwalker Compact
Mobile bar with conveyor belt 5
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Present dishes on this attractive sushi bar. For rent (for 1 day and up) and for sale.
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Check out Catwalker Sushi Bar
Route Return 5
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Certain set-ups of the Catwalker Twin Lane are for rent and for sale with furniture included.
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Check out Catwalker Twin Lane

Composing your own conveyor belt route - with your own furniture

Route Around 7
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Determine the route of the conveyor belt yourself. Have the display conveyor go around your chef or barista, for instance.
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Check out Catwalker Single Lane

Rent a presentation system

  • You choose a presentation system that suits the number of visitors at your event.
  • If so desired, Pre-Motion will take care of the full installation and disassembly.
  • The costs are clear from the start and can be transferred to the catering budget right away.

Buy a presentation system

  • It will give your catering activities a unique identity; it’s your thing!
  • You have complete control over your presentation system. Deploy it tactically to reel in smaller events, for instance.
  • With our Catwalker Sushibar, Single Lane and Twin Lane, connectable modules allow you to adapt your display conveyor, depending on the size of the event. This does require a technical operation, though.
  • You can earn back your investment over the course of several events. Successful catering leads to more and bigger assignments!


Choosing between renting or buying a display conveyor can be quite a challenge.
We’re happy to assist!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Pre-Motion manufacture the sushi belt itself?
    Yes, we develop and build the conveyor belts in our own shop in Veenendaal. Delivery and installation are also carried out by Pre-Motion. We’ll gladly collaborate with your architect or interior builder to create a beautiful result.
  • Can I compose the conveyor belt route myself?
    Yes; you can compose your own route, going around and back and forth. How about a creative L, F, S or O shape? Pre-Motion offers conveyor belt modules you can combine to create any route you want.

    If you want special shapes or corners, or a T-junction, for instance, we can make it happen! Please contact us for more information about tailor-made conveyor belts. Custom belt systems, deviating from the standard modules, will be more expensive, though. We recommend using our standard modules whenever possible for the best price.

  • What does a conveyor belt cost?
    If you want, we can offer an estimate of the price based on your sketches or ideas. We can only offer an exact quotation once we receive a detailed drawing of your plans (including measurements).

    For the Plug & Play systems and the bar with conveyor belt we use fixed rental and sale prices. You can compose these products on our website to fit your needs. The price will depend on the options you choose.

  • How is the conveyor belt installed?
    The sushi belt systems are only 7 cm high. They can easily be installed either on top of your furniture or recessed. You can put the conveyor belt on top of your table or other furniture, or have it recessed level with the surface. Only the motor will require a slightly larger cut-out underneath the surface.

    You can easily install the Catwalker Compact yourself. The presentation belt consists of one piece and requires no technical installation. Simply plug it into a power outlet and it’s working!

  • How many dishes or drinks can I present?
    The number of dishes or glasses that can go around simultaneously depends on the type of conveyor belt you choose. On the double lane conveyor of the Route Return or Plug & Play conveyor, you can present 11 dishes or drinks per metre. Would you rather have a single lane conveyor, with the Route Around or a bar with conveyor belt? In that case you can present about 6 dishes or drinks per metre.
  • Can I change the number of presentation platters myself?
    Yes; one of the advantages of our sushi belt is you can easily remove and add presentation platters yourself.

    Many guests in your restaurant or at your event? Just fill the entire conveyor belt with presentation platters. When things slow down, simply remove a number of platters. This way, you won’t have empty presentation platters; there’s just more space between the passing dishes and drinks. The sushi conveyor appears fully-stocked all the time!

  • Is a conveyor belt hygienic?
    Yes; a major advantage of our design is the lack of small crevices in the conveyor belt. Once the presentation platters are removed, all that remains is a flat surface with a narrow, vertical slot and 2 tiny gliding strips. Just wipe the surface and the presentation platters and your system is sparkling clean again!
  • Is the conveyor belt system safe?
    Our conveyor belt systems are very safe. Has someone put a finger on the conveyor belt and there’s a presentation platter approaching? No problem at all; the presentation platter is light and will come loose right away. No fingers will get stuck. Guests cannot reach the chain technology inside the conveyor belt. Even the youngest children can safely take dishes from the conveyor belt!
  • How many hours can the conveyor belt run?
    Our conveyor belt systems are built to run non-stop for years in your restaurant. The technology Pre-Motion uses, is also used in shop windows, 24/7.

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