Drawing a crowd at a fair or event

How does your company distinguish itself from all the other participants of a trade fair or event? Ensure your product is noticed! Whether you’re presenting small smart phones or large car models: moving presentations will always attract attention.

Discover the possibilities of our range of turntables and conveyor belt systems. Which moving presentation best suits your concept?

Moving product presentation at a career fair


Generate a surprising wow factor through motion. A dynamic product presentation attracts attention and puts your product in the spotlight! Choose a turntable from a wide range of sizes. Or go for a display conveyor and create your own unique route.


  • Create the ultimate live presentation
  • Creative concepts become reality
  • For sale and for rent (for 1 day and up)

Display conveyors: a route through your space

Plug & Play 8
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The Catwalker Compact doesn’t require installation; it’s a nifty Plug & Play system. Available in various sizes from 150 – 300 cm.
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Check out Catwalker Compact
Route Around 8
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With the Catwalker Single Lane you can create your own conveyor belt route for your event. Build your own closed circuit, like a race track, with maximum flexibility.
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Check out Catwalker Single Lane
Route Return 7
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Create your own Catwalker Twin Lane, for instance in an I, L, T or Z shape. The products moves through the space and back the same way, like a two-way street.
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Check out Catwalker Twin Lane
Large products conveyor 7
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The Catwalker Giant is our series of conveyor belts for large products of > 3 kg, like mannequins or chairs.
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Check out Catwalker Giant
Mobile sushi bar 6
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With our designer Catwalker Sushi Bar you can start a special product presentation at your event right away.
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Check out Catwalker Sushi Bar
Specials / customization 4
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Corporate events demand tailor-made solutions. Depending on your budget, we offer lots of possibilities.
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Custom display conveyor

Amazing presentations made remarkably practical

Most presentation systems are modular and can be adapted to your space. The modules have exact measurements. So our conveyor belts and turntables can be integrated perfectly in your exhibition stand. By exchanging plans with us, you can make your presentation furniture fit the presentation system perfectly. There’s no need for test set-ups prior to the fair.

Turntables: 360° attention for your product

Turntables < Ø 2 m 4
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Add a twist to your presentation. You can order turntables directly online in various sizes and finishes.
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Check out small turntables
Turntables Ø 2 m – 8 m 8
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Present your product spinning 360° or have your entire exhibition stand turn. The possibilities are endless!
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Check out large revolving platforms
Car turntables 8
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Vehicle turntables for the launch of new models at your events or auto shows worldwide.
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Check out car turntables

Buy or rent?

Most presentation systems are not only for sale, but for rent as well. The fair lasts only 3 days? No problem! You can already rent a turntable or conveyor belt for a single day.

Our presentation systems have been designed to be as user friendly as possible. It depends on the product, however, whether you can install the system yourself, or if it’s better to leave installation to the experts from Pre-Motion.

Buying a presentation system to take to various fairs and events? Pre-Motion can provide installation training. This way you can use your display conveyor or turntable anytime, anywhere!

Delivery and installation of rental systems

Three possibilities:

1. No technical installation required
For Plug & Play products like our webshop turntables and the Catwalker Compact. You pick up the product at our office in Veenendaal, or we send the presentation system to your company. You take care of transport to your fair or event yourself.

2. Installation and disassembly by yourself
With a little technical savvy and a user manual from Pre-Motion, you can install some systems on your own. Like a medium turntable or one of our smaller conveyor systems. You pick up the product from Pre-Motion, or we can deliver it to your business location. You take care of transport to your fair or event yourself.

3. Installation and disassembly by Pre-Motion
Pre-Motion takes the system to your fair or event and takes care of installation. Afterwards, we disassemble the system again. This applies to more complex conveyor belt routes and large turntables (> Ø 4 m).


Choosing the right presentation system for your event can be quite a challenge.
We’re happy to assist!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Pre-Motion make the moving systems itself?
    Pre-Motion designs and manufactures the moving presentation systems in-house. We’re involved with the entire process: from design and production to assembly and service.
  • Are the moving presentation systems only for sale, or also for rent?
    All moving presentation systems are for sale. Various turntables and display conveyor models are also for rent.

    You can indicate a rental period in days or weeks, depending on the product chosen. Please contact us by phone or email to check if the presentation system is still available for the dates of your choice.

  • Who takes care of the installation of my turntable or display conveyor?
    Pre-Motion will install your rented or purchased system for you. It is important you make sure there’s a power outlet nearby. Also, your floor or furniture should be ready for the installation of the presentation system.

    Following a consultation with us, you can also install and disassemble the presentation system yourself. This can be particularly useful for clients who rent frequently, or clients outside Europe. We will explain the process, and if necessary, provide installation training.

  • Can Pre-Motion give me an indication of the costs?
    PFor many presentation systems Pre-Motion already provides an indication of the price, or a starting price, online. For complex conveyor belt routes or large presentation systems, we can provide a tailor-made quotation. Please send us your request, as specific as possible, by email or (quotation) form.

  • What kind of customers does Pre-Motion cater to?
    Pre-Motion sells and rents presentation systems to businesses (B2B). We cater to end-users and intermediaries, like stand builders, communications agencies and car companies.

    Pre-Motion builds and delivers the moving presentation system. Your own party takes care of the design of your space. We’ll gladly collaborate with your architect or interior designer to incorporate the presentation system into your space. In rental projects, Pre-Motion often collaborates with events agencies and stand builders to arrive at beautiful results.

'The Android Booth was a big success last February. Pre-Motion was greatly appreciated in making the event such a triumph!'

R. Sims - 3D Design Director at Brand Fuel London