Catwalker Compact

Mobile designer display conveyor
The Catwalker Compact is a Plug & Play system. Plug it into a power outlet and the display conveyor works! Perfect for product presentations at shows or in stores. Or for food presentations by caterers and in restaurants.

Put your products in the spotlight with this eye-catching display conveyor. The conveyor belt is easy to transport, making it flexible to use.

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Characteristics of this Plug & Play conveyor belt

  • Consists of a single object
  • Easy to move
  • No technical installation required
  • Available in various sizes: 150 - 300 cm
  • Delivery by us or picked up by you in Veenendaal (the Netherlands)

‘We have been using our Catwalker Compact in our shop window for over 6 years now. It’s guaranteed to draw attention and stop customers in their tracks. The conveyor belt is running every day (24/7) without any problems. [...] Highly recommended!!!’

Marcus Carl - Martin Carl Optik

You choose its length and finish!

Some examples

200 cm with LED lighting

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Compose your own display conveyor. Choose the length, shape and finish you want.
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Check out our rental display conveyors. Choose the length, shape and finish you want.
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Looking for display conveyors? With large quantities we offer tailor-made solutions!
Custom store concept

For sale and for rent

The Plug & Play conveyor belts are for sale and for rent. You can rent this display conveyor for a single day or longer.

Own design and production

Pre-Motion designs and manufactures the Catwalker Compact in-house. Read more about design and manufacturing by Pre-Motion.

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Find out how our clients use the Plug & Play display conveyor all over the world.

Inspiration: create an original bar with conveyor belt

Make your own support furniture out of pallets or barrels, for example