Catwalker Giant for products up to 30 kg

Add movement to your product presentation
The Catwalker Giant is suitable for the presentation of larger objects up to 30 kg, like mannequins or designer chairs. Place your products on the catwalk and have them ‘walk’ through your shop window, store or exhibition booth. Attention guaranteed!

The Catwalker Giant series comprises 4 types:

  • Giant Single Lane: you compose your own Route Around for products up to 30 kg. You can use the free space within creatively.
  • Giant Twin Lane: you compose your own Route Return for products up to 30 kg. The conveyor belt enters your space. Choose an L-, U- or T-shape, for instance.
  • Giant Compact: your products follow a short round route. This display conveyor is Plug & Play and can be moved easily. Suitable for products up to 30 kg.
  • Giant Baggage Belt: your products go around on a track of ‘scales’. This airport look-a-like is suitable for products up to 10 kg.

These conveyor belts are for sale, for use in your store or shop window, for instance. They are also for rent, for things like exhibitions and trade show presentations.

Check out Catwalker Giant projects

Fashion exhibition 'Catwalk' at the Rijksmuseum

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Baggage belt 4
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Looking for a way to put your products in the spotlight? Place your items of up to 10 kg on our Catwalker Baggage Belt.

Pre-Motion can set up this display conveyor for you at any location. For rent for a single day or longer!

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Large-products belt - Around 6
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Have your products follow a route through your trade show stand or exhibition location. You’re guaranteed to attract attention.

Lay out your conveyor belt route in such a way that your products move around certain objects or your visitors!

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Large-products belt - Return 6
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Rent this display conveyor for your exhibition or trade fair presentation. Have your products or mannequins move over this designer catwalk.

By combining straight parts and curves, you can compose countless creative routes through your space.

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Present your products on our Baggage Belt. This way, the presentation of your bag or suitcase collection will attract extra attention! Obviously, other items will merrily go around on this display conveyor as well.
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Large-products belt - Around 4
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Put your products on the conveyor belt in the spotlight. You choose the shape of your moving catwalk yourself. This display conveyor is very suitable for product presentations in stores and shop windows, for instance.
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Large-products belt - Return 5
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Have products move through your space! On this catwalk, your products move back and forth; at the end of each straight part, the objects turn around. All kinds of cool routes are possible, like an L-, U- or T-shape, for instance.
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Special: Giant Compact

In addition to the 3 large conveyor belt systems from the Giant series, Pre-Motion also offers a compact display conveyor. This Plug & Play conveyor belt can easily be transported to your trade show or exhibition.

LED lighting in the side finish is optional. Curious to know more about this eye-catcher? Check out the version for sale or rent.

Buy or rent?

Most moving presentation systems are for sale as well as for rent. Rental available for a single day or longer. If so desired, Pre-Motion will take care of transport and installation at your location.

Own design & in-house manufacturing

Pre-Motion designs and produces almost all moving presentation systems in-house. Curious to find out how? Read more about design and in-house manufacturing.

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