Investing in 360-degree car photography pays off

Professionalizing your car photography requires a hefty investment. The costs of a turntable depend on the options and possibilities you desire. You should, however, allow for a minimum investment of 15,000 euro. If you want to design a photo space as well, the investment costs will usually double. Fortunately, it will save you a lot of money in the end. A car turntable will offer convenience and time-saving right away. Additionally, it will generate more revenue and profit in the long run.

Lowering your car-photography expenses
With a car turntable, taking car pictures will no longer be a time-consuming chore. Thanks to Pre-Motion’s smart control and positioning software you’ll be making 360-degree photos and videos in no time. With a standardized car-photography process anyone can create high-quality car photos, like only a professional car photographer normally could.

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Increasing your revenue and profit
Professional photo series will enhance the quality of your online car presentation considerably. In practice cars that look more attractive online than those of your competitors turn out to be sold faster. Additionally, a professional car presentation will attract more showroom visitors. This will have a positive effect on your car stock’s turnover.

Preventing unnecessary holding costs

On average, a car will be at a car dealer for 20 days before the car photos go online; a used car enters the company and the remarketing process starts: intake - checks - cleaning - photography - photos online.

Reports from our customers show that the daily holding costs of a car are about € 7.00. A photo space that’s always available and placed conveniently in your routing can help shorten this long processing time of 20 days considerably. With process optimization a company can speed up the photography process considerably and reduce the remarketing process from 20 days to a mere 5 days. This way, you will save 15 days of unnecessary holding costs per car!

15 days x € 7.00 a day = € 105.- profit per car by avoiding unnecessary holding costs. So with 1000 cars a year, a company will save € 105,000.-. These are just the savings as a result of making the car photography process more efficient. In addition to that, you will also save time and money because photographing cars will be quicker. See the calculation example below for that.

Calculating payback period
Are you going for the Basic Solution, an extended Top Solution or our fully-automated photo studio? The payback period of a turntable depends on the number of cars you sell in a year. Your average net profit and labour costs will also affect the profitability of a car turntable.

Calculation example

Let’s say your company photographs 1000 cars a year. You buy a turntable from Pre-Motion in order to make beautiful photos of your car stock quickly. The total investment in your photo space is 45,000 euro. The write-off on your photo space over 5 years is: € 45,000 / 5 years = € 9,000 a year. With 1000 cars that means € 9.00 write-off per car.

As a result of the automation of your car photography, you can now easily save 10 minutes per car. 1000 cars x 10 minutes = 166 hours of time saved. Assuming an employee taking these photos costs you 30 euro an hour, you will save a total of 166 hours x € 30 = € 4980.-. That amounts to € 4980 / 1000 cars = € 4.89 savings per car.

In the end, the actual costs of your investment in car photography are: €9.00 - € 4.89 = € 4.11 per car. For this price you will create a professional online car presentation, giving you a head start on your competition. With 1000 cars, an automotive company will save about € 105,000.- a year in unnecessary holding costs. So the total investment pays itself back, in part because it will save unnecessary holding days, in less than a year. Additionally, your investment in car photography will offer you the following benefits:

  • You will be prepared for the future, when professional online car presentations will increasingly determine your sales success.
  • You can take more exterior photos per car quickly and, if so desired, also create 3D-imagery of your car stock.
  • You can expand to 3D-car presentations for the web.

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