360° photo studio with turntable | Total Solution

360° photo studio with turntable | Total Solution

With a complete photo studio for car photography you’ll soon be taking beautiful photos of your car stock in no time. This standalone studio photo box is an enclosed room within your space. No structural modifications needed; you’re good to go right away!

Looking for a photo studio to create beautiful 360° sliders and 3D spinners? By the name of Photo-Motion, we offer a complete studio box for car photography (turntable, luminous ceiling & cameras) with innovative Photo-Motion software!

Want to build your photo space’s interior yourself? Check out our basic car turntable or our turntable with building accessories for a practical photo corner.

  • Photo studio box: optimized enclosed photo space
  • No further structural modifications required
  • Ready for future car photography developments
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Total Solution for better car photography
Pre-Motion offers a Total Solution for car photography: a complete photo box in your building. We start at the base: a solid turntable with smart controls. This complete photo studio comes with sturdy walls with rounded corner, a curtain or speed roll door and the turntable control best fitting your photography process. Depending on your budget, you can choose extra options to further optimize your photography results.

Options with a standalone studio box for car photography

The standard size of the studio box is 7.0 by 9.0 metres. This box is an enclosed space, as far as possible, built from modular parts (straights and curves). Optionally we can supply a studio box of deviating size. When composing your photo studio, several (extra) options are available, so that you can decide for yourself to what extent you would like to automate your car photography. The Total Solution can be enhanced by optimized lighting (set), cameras, speed roll door and so on. We’ll install the complete studio for photography in your building within approximately one week

Is the complete photo studio perfect for you?

Since 2011 Pre-Motion has been gaining experience with (turntables for) car photography. We find that in addition to a partial solution, where the customer takes care of finishing construction of the photo space themselves, there is also a demand for a complete solution. Our Total Solution is perfect for creating 360° and 3D car presentations as an end result. A photo box greatly simplifies lighting optimization. Furthermore, with this Total Solution you’ll get a complete photo studio right away, that will enable you to create professional photos and videos fast for years to come.

But a full-blown ready-made photo studio isn’t suitable or affordable for everyone. What’s the perfect photo space for you, depends on your requirements and wishes, and how frequently you take photos. Also consider the end product: are you looking for good basic car photos, photo series from various angles or perhaps even a complete 3D experience? And what are your requirements when it comes to lighting in your photo space, for instance?

Investing in your online car showroom

You’ll find many expensive solutions on the market; after all, with a huge budget, product development is simple. It’s all about striking the right balance. Still, our Total Solution requires a considerable investment from companies in the automotive industry. Are you looking for a cheaper solution to realize a photo corner in your building? Check out our Top Solution: a turntable including a car-bearing floor and optional photo walls. Do you only need a turntable? Choose our Basic Solution.

Read more about earning back the turntable investment.

Personal advice

Do you have questions about a complete photo studio for car photography? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion’s turntable expert. Don’t forget to read our tips & tricks for car photography!

Diameter turntable Ø 450 cm (optionally larger)
Recessed and/or surface-mounted installation? Surface-mounted with surrounding elevated floor
Construction material Steel
Aluminium version available? No
Finish top Plywood top surface
Turntable height incl. plywood 15 cm
Standard load bearing capacity 3000 kg
Carrying capacity heavy version 4000 kg
Carrying capacity extra-heavy version No extra-heavy version available
Lightweight aluminium No lightweight version available
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Rotation speed Continuously adjustable: approximately 0.60-1.50 rotation per minute
Extra-slow motors Optional
Extra-fast motors Optional
Direction Counter-clockwise, Clockwise
Power supply Operates on 230 VAC
Power consumption 0.36 KW
Suitable for outdoor use? No
Sliding contact (on-board power outlet) Optional (standard 8A)
Positioning available? Yes
Include remote control? Optional
Control via app? Optional
Permanent, mobile or temporary use? Permanent installation
Buy or rent? Buy
Installation of the studio box for car photography
  • The turntable is manufactured and tested extensively at our workshop in Veenendaal.
  • We’ll install the complete photo studio in your space on the pre-arranged day(s).
  • Lighting will be optimized and cameras properly set up.
  • After installation, a Pre-Motion employee will explain how the turntable works.
  • Start taking photos! And rest assured you’re ready for future developments.
  • In the future you can, if so desired, upgrade your photo studio with extra options.

Choosing your ideal turntable controls
1. Basic controls

The platform comes equipped with basic controls: start, stop, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation and adjustable speed. With these controls you can start and stop the revolving platform at the push of a button. You take photos manually. This basic control system is also available with optional remote control.

2. Extended controls: flexible 360° positioning software

On a touch panel you can create rotation programmes to an accuracy of one degree; the turntable will follow the programme you’ve entered. At each stop the turntable signals your camera to take a photo. After each photo the turntable rotates to the next position, until the entire programme has been run. In addition to this ‘stop programme’ you can also have the turntable rotate continuously, for 360-degree video recording, for instance. For this purpose, you can adjust the rotation speed.

3. Photo-Motion-Manager: PC control with software

Are you processing many cars a day and is organizing photos a time-consuming task? Or are you taking photos for various customers, each with their own requirements? This control option will come in extremely handy. The Photo-Motion software allows you to create several workflows and export profiles. The photos are no longer stored on the memory card inside the camera, but organized on your PC right away, in a separate folder for each car photographed. This system can be optionally expanded with several cameras for 3D-video animations. Both the turntable and the camera(s) are controlled by the PC.

Read more about turntable control and positioning.