Display conveyors

Looking for an original way to present your products? Pre-Motion sells and rents unique conveyor belt systems that will make your products stand out.

Choosing a display conveyor

Looking for a display conveyor that can be moved easily? Or want to create a conveyor belt route through your space yourself? Check out our offer of designer conveyor belt systems below. Choose the system that suits your creative concept. Take into account the size and weight of the products you’d like to display.

Composing a creative conveyor belt route
Determine the route of your conveyor belt system yourself, by combining straight and curved modules. Create your own Route Around and use the space within it creatively. Or create your own Route Returnwith a conveyor belt that goes back and forth through your space.

Display conveyors can be used anywhere
A conveyor belt system fits any trade show booth, shop or theatre. Also, sushi conveyors are often used by restaurants and caterers. Pre-Motion will gladly collaborate on creative shopping concepts and sensational interiors for hotels and restaurants!

Presenting food on a conveyor belt

A sushi conveyor allows your guests to pick their favourite food from the dishes going by. This is practical; you won’t need as many waiting staff!

Want to present products on a conveyor belt?

Make your products move. You’re guaranteed to draw the crowd’s attention!