ShoeSee Belt is more frequently used for shoe presentations

August 2018 - Offer customers shopping experience to ensure your product is getting noticed
Whether companies attend fairs or sell products in stores: they are constantly competing for the limited attention of customers that are quickly passing by. Every company wants to introduce its products to as many (potential) clients as possible. But how do companies make sure that they are being noticed...?

Retailers and trade fair booth builders are constantly searching for creative solutions to attract 'offline attention'. Pre-Motion's conveyor belt systems are used more and more often for new concepts that create experience. After all, movement draws our attention and stimulates our emotions.

Growing popularity of the ShoeSee Belt
From optician to electronics store, and from bridal fair to fashion show: designer display conveyors are used in all sorts of spaces. At Pre-Motion we have noticed that during the last couple of months the so-called "ShoeSee Belt" has gained in popularity; many companies are contacting us to present their (newest) shoes on a display conveyor. Conveyor belt systems are also well liked at trade fairs! In June, our Catwalker Single Lane was rented for the presentation of a new collection of hiking shoes at the Outdoor Messe in Friedrichhafen.

Tailor-made ShoeShee Belt in the centre of a Sooco Footbar Store

One of the first stores to integrate a ShoeSee Belt in its shopping concept was Sooco in Enschede (the Netherlands). In 2015, we made an extra wide tailor-made Catwalker that can move around larger shoes and boots as well. Already from quite a distance passersby are able to catch sight of this great conveyor belt system.

Integrate a display conveyor belt in your store or trade fair booth?
Are you also considering the integration of a ShoeSee Belt in your creative concept? Then be inspired by several creative shoe presentations by our customers. Feel free to take a look at show cases in several shop windows as well.

Makeover for Pre-Motion's showroom

July 2018 - Discover the world in motion and get inspired
At the first floor of our office building in Ede (the Netherlands) is a showroom of approximately 130 m², located among three sunny office rooms and a large conference room. More and more often, customers are visiting our showroom to see our range of moving presentation systems or to know our photography software. In order to quickly provide them with a good impression of what we have to offer, we have decided to give our showroom a full makeover.

By displaying an attractive selection of moving presentation systems, we let showroom visitors discover the world in motion: a creative space, full of experience, that inspires them. We will also establish a photo corner to let customers, who are interested in photography, experience the convenience of our total solution for photography (including a turntable and smart photo software).

From huge presentation systems to the smallest details
From sushi restaurant to trade fair booth, and from shop window to photo studio: our moving presentation systems are used everywhere. The ambiance of all those spaces will be simulated in our showroom by conveniently using accessories. Think of, for example, lifelike sushi for creating an inviting restaurant ambiance and life-size mannequins for creating a stimulating retail store ambiance.

Finely-tuned showroom lighting is also a powerful element in creating the right ambiance. Luckily, Pre-Motion has many proficient technicians with knowledge of lighting techniques; they can perfectly adjust the lighting to the systems in our showroom. Each moving presentation systems will thus be beautifully lit!

Curious to see the new showroom?
Would you like come and see the result for yourself? Or are you perhaps interested to integrate our moving presentation systems in your own creative concept? Then please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to notify you once our new showroom is open to visitors.