Bar with conveyor belt

Mobile sushi bar for original food and product presentations
Looking for a unique catering concept? Or for an appealing way to present products at a trade fair? The mobile bar with conveyor belt will attract attention at any fair or event.

You can rent this mobile sushi bar for a single day or longer. Place the designer bar in your space and have your staff stand inside the bar. This way you’ll be fully prepared to welcome your guests.

The version for sale can be finished to your specifications. Luxurious side finish, LED lighting or bar tops in your company colours: the choice is yours!

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Attract attention with this deluxe Sushi Bar

Characteristics of the Catwalker Sushi Bar

  • Choice of 4 bar sizes: S, M, L and XL
  • Suitable for catering and product presentations
  • Off-the-shelf solution for your trade show or event
  • Mobile and scalable in size
  • Handy transport carts optional

Looking to buy or rent a mobile bar?

You can rent this mobile bar or buy this mobile bar. Rental available for a single day or longer. If so desired, Pre-Motion can take care of transport and installation of the sushi bar at your location.

Own design and manufacturing

Pre-Motion designs and manufactures this mobile bar in-house. Just like most of the other presentation systems we offer for sale and rent. Read more about design and in-house manufacturing.

"The conveyor belt bar looked great and our client was very happy with it. [...] Thanks again and if we ever need a conveyor belt bar in the future, we will be sure to give you a call."

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