Medium revolving stages

Revolving devices for original product presentations
A medium turntable can be used to display motorbikes or a show act, for instance. You can easily install the turntable yourself. Suitable for trade fairs, shop windows, showrooms and more. We offer 2 types of medium turntables:

Type 1: Turntable Light with presentation disc
Turntable of Ø 150 - 250 cm. You can finish the turntable yourself with carpeting or a lick of paint. Thanks to the supporting wheels of the revolving device, this stable platform can carry eccentric loads of up to 500 kg.

Type 2: Turning Motor with extendable arms without presentation disc
This compact turning motor is easy to install and transport. This structure can carry products of up to 1000 kg. You, or your interior builder, can finish the turning motor to your liking. The presentation disc to be mounted may not exceed Ø 2 metres. The weight must be distributed centrically, so place your products in the middle.

Choose the medium revolving platform for your project

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This turntable of Ø 150 - Ø 250 cm has a sturdy plywood top surface. Simply finish the top surface with carpeting or a lick of paint, for instance.

  • Eccentric loads of up to 500 kg
  • Sturdy and stable turntable
  • Controls included, remote control optional
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Revolving Platform Light
    Rent a Turning Motor 4
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    Perfect for interior builders who can take care of the finishing themselves. Compact and therefore easy to transport. On-board power outlet optional.

  • Centric loads only up to 1000 kg
  • Suitable for heavy products
  • For rent for a single day or longer
  • Controls included
  • Turning Motor with extendable arms

    2 types - 2 differences


  • Type 1 - Turntable Light: This type is sold with a plywood top surface you can paint right away or finish with carpeting. Available with or without side finish.
  • Type 2 - Turning Motor: This type is suitable for stand builders incorporating the structure into their concept. You provide your own top surface and side finish, if needed. The Turning Motor is for sale and for rent.
  • Carrying capacity
  • Type 1 - Turntable Light: This type is very stable, thanks to its supporting wheels. This turntable can carry up to 500 kg and you may place loads eccentrically without fear; it won’t tip over.
  • Type 2 - Turning Motor: This type is only stable with even weight distribution (exactly in the middle). But with centric loads it can carry up to 1000 kg.
  • Motorbike on a Revolving Platform Light (Ø 2.5 m)

    Further explanation with an example
    Both types can be used to display motorbikes. With the revolving platform, someone may step onto the turntable next to the bike and mount it. With the turning motor, however, you need to be more careful. Someone may very carefully mount the vehicle in the middle, but they must not step on the edges of the platform; otherwise it might tip over.