Turntable for 360-degree photography and video

Want to get better product photos and 360-degree videos? A turntable is indispensable! Place objects or people on the platform and press start. Turntables are not only suited for product and car photographers, they’re also perfect for manufacturers and salespeople! They enable them to easily photograph their merchandise professionally themselves.

Our smart operating software for revolving platforms offers many possibilities for product photography. You can have the platform stop and start whenever you want!


With our turntables you can make professional photos and video with ease. To photograph your car stock, for instance. Pre-Motion’s 360° positioning software allows you to turn cars in the exact right position, accurate to a single degree. For product photography and TV and video productions the turntable is an indispensable tool as well.


  • Turn large objects 360°
  • Suitable for photography and video
  • Smart operating software included

For sale or rent

Most turntables are for sale as well as for rent. Rental is available for 1 day and up. If so desired, we’ll take care of transport and installation.

In-house manufacturing

Pre-Motion designs and manufactures all turntables in-house. Read more about the manufacturing process at Pre-Motion.


Choosing the right turntable for photography can be quite a challenge.
We’re happy to assist!

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