Your product presentation gets all the attention

Want to set your products apart from the rest? Moving presentation systems place your ‘top model’ in the spotlight. A dynamic product presentation triggers fair visitors and shoppers. It’s guaranteed to generate more attention for your special presentation!

Turntables and conveyor belt systems are available in all kinds of sizes and finishes. Most product presentation systems are for sale as well as for rent.


Movement brings your products to life: subtly or exuberantly. Your product will be noticed by more people and remembered better.

Choose the presentation system that best suits the experience you wish to create.


  • From small phones to large cars
  • Extra attention for your product
  • Up to 3 times as many sales


For sale and rent

Most moving presentation systems are for sale as well as for rent. Rental is available for 1 day and up. If so desired, Pre-Motion will take care of transport and installation at your location.

In-house manufacturing

Pre-Motion designs and manufactures 95% of their moving presentation systems in-house. Curious about that process? Read more about in-house manufacturing.


Choosing the right presentation system for your situation can be quite a challenge.
We’re happy to assist!

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