Turntable for 360-degree car photography

Improve your online car presentation
Nowadays, your customers start their search for a car online. This means the internet has become your most important showroom. Cars that have been photographed well get more clicks from website visitors. This offers opportunities to increase your sales. However, making professional photos is time-consuming...

A carousel helps with making better photos and 360° animations
  • Your cars go online in no time.
  • More online visitors become paying customers.
  • Photo series are uniform, with a neutral background.
  • 360° rendering and 3D presentations are now options as well.
  • The weather has no effect on your pictures, thanks to an indoor location.

360° car photography with a turntable

How does a turntable for car photography work?

First, you create a space with a neutral background and proper lighting. Need help with that? Pre-Motion offers fitting solutions.

Start shooting:

  • Step 1: Drive the car onto the platform and choose the number of positions for the 360° spin.
  • Step 2: Take a picture at each stop, automatically or manually.
  • Step 3: Shoot some pictures of the car’s interior.
  • Step 4: Finished! The turntable is ready for the next session.
  • Step 5: With the optional Photo-Motion Manager you can create export profiles for the various websites you want to advertise the car on.

Pre-Motion offers three solutions

Looking for a photography solution for your business? Naturally, all you really care about is the final result: photos that present your car in an attractive and realistic way. To achieve this, you’ll need a suitable photo space. But when you’re creating such a space, there’s quite a lot to consider.

From our role as a Dutch car turntable manufacturer, we offer 3 photography solutions to create a practical photo space for you. This will be your foundation for excellent photos and videos. You can choose from a car turntable only (including controls), a practical photo corner or a fully automated studio box.

Frequently asked questions
What size carousel should I choose? Should I choose an elevated or recessed turntable? What controls do I need?

For answers to these questions, check out our car photography FAQ at the bottom of this page. Can’t find your question? Feel free to contact us for tailored advice.


Our Photo-Motion car photography solutions allow for various options to select, such as construction work, extended turntable controls and photo management. This way you can create a car photography solution that will perfectly suit your needs and wishes.

We’ll gladly guide you step by step along all options of our Photo-Motion car photography solutions.

Video of carousel installation

Who could benefit from a car photography turntable?

Car dealers 6
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Professional photo series improve sales for car dealers.

More online visitors become paying customers!

Check out projects:
Car wholesalers & leasing companies 4
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With a turntable your company can photograph many more cars per day. This will save you quite some time and money.
Check out projects:
Classic car specialists 5
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As a lover or seller of classics and other specials you know: precious cars deserve beautiful 360-degree photographs!
Check out projects:
Car repair shops 7
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With a turntable, car repair shops and reconditioning companies can unburden their dealers and offer extra service.
Check out projects:
Photo studio specialists 7
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For 360-degree photo studio specialists in the automotive industry, a turntable has become indispensable. We’ll gladly collaborate with you!
Check out projects:
Car design centres 4
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Car rotating platforms in high-tech design studios and photographic studios provide car manufacturers with important support during the design process.
Check out projects:


Choosing a car turntable can be quite a challenge. We’re happy to assist!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How big and heavy is the car turntable?
    Pre-Motion’s standard car turntable is Ø 4.5 metres across and has a 3000 kg carrying capacity. Most passenger cars will fit on this diameter. A bigger disc is optional. In case you’ll also use the turntable for car presentations in your showroom, for instance. For delivery vans, campers and other heavy vehicles Ø 5 metres is a popular choice (or even bigger, if needed).
  • What’s a suitable space for photography?
    Points to consider when looking for a suitable space in your existing building or new development:

    1. Logical positioning: The location should be positioned conveniently within your routing. Especially when you plan to photograph a large number of cars a day, this is very important. It’s practical to position the photo studio near the car wash/cleaning department.

    2. Easy entry and exit: There should be no obstacles for each car to drive in and out of the studio quickly. After all, you want to put the car online as soon as possible. In our flexible 360-degree turning software you can easily enter the car’s entry and exit positions. So it doesn’t matter if the entry position is not the right photography position.

    3. Avoid daylight: Make sure you can control the lighting in your space as much as possible. Pre-Motion can offer advice on proper lighting.

    4. Keep it practical: Create a background and floor that are practical for every-day use and remain nice within the ‘dirty surroundings’ of an automotive business. An anthracite coloured floor, for instance..

    More tips for car photography can be found in our overview of tips & tricks for car photography.

  • How can I create a suitable photography space with a turntable?
    Perhaps you already have a space for photography and wish to improve/expand it with turntable technology. 3 options can be distinguished:

    1. New development: You choose our basic turntable. You include the plans for a photography space in the routing of your building. A turntable recess of about 15.5 cm is taken into consideration during structural work, so that the platform will be flush with the concrete floor. Pre-Motion can help you with the building plans and supply a wooden template and stainless steel rim for the recessed area.

    2. Free space available: You build your own back wall, or you combine Pre-Motion’s standard wall elements to create a U or L shaped wall, or Pre-Motion installs a complete studio box in your space. For the photo box you’ll need a location with a minimum of 7 x 9 metres of free space, in your workshop, for instance.

    3. Existing photography space or photo studio: You already have a well-equipped photography area on your grounds and wish to add turntable technology. Choose our basic turntable or our turntable with additional construction (erhöhtem Boden und Auffahrkante, zum Beispiel). Bei der zuletzt genannten Lösung für Autofotografie können Sie Ihre Autos dank einer schrägen Auffahrkante problemlos auf die 15 cm hohe Drehscheibe fahren.

  • What controls and positioning options do I need?

    The platform comes equipped witht basic controls: a control panel with buttons for start, stop, left and right, as well as a speed control. The turntable can also be set to spin continuously at a specific speed for 360-degree videos.

    With the optional extended 360-degree positioning, you can make the platform stop precisely at pre-programmed positions (with a maximum of 15 stops). This makes it easy to create beautiful photo series. On the touch panel you can create turning programmes to an accuracy of one degree.

    This extended positioning option is also available with 36 stops and integrated camera control. This system will create photos entirely automatically. Virtually all Nikon and Canon cameras are compatible with our control software. Feel free to inquire whether this pertains to your camera.

    Our optional Photo-Motion Manager offers even more possibilities. With a PC and this software you control the turntable, your camera(s) and the lighting. Your car photos and interior pictures are stored together automatically and organised in the folder of the car name you’ve entered. Additionally, you can easily create export profiles/pre-sets for various online platforms you wish to advertise the car on. For example: 8 photos for AutoScout, 6 photos for eBay, 12 photos for your own website and photos for your 360° or 3D animation. With 1 mouse click your car is online!

  • Are the photos ready for use on the web?
    You can use the photo series you’ve shot as a solid basis for your photo system. Add some interior shots to the exterior shots.

    The Photo-Motion Manager (PC control with software) enables you to easily create export profiles for the online platforms you wish to publish your photo series on. This will save you time; your photos are organised right away and ready to go online with a single mouse click.

  • What parties will I need for professional car photography? And with which should I start?
    It might not seem logical to start with a turntables manufacturer. A stable and quality turntable, however, is the basis everything else will revolve around (and on). It’s important that the turntable is stable, reliable and can be positioned easily. The turntable should be able to grow along with future software developments.

    It’s often underestimated just how much force is needed to have heavy revolving objects like cars stop and start repeatedly during a photo shoot, day after day. It requires a durable and virtually maintenance-free turntable.

    The concept will only spin on a solid basis! In this rapidly-growing market, we see many parties offering turntables from their own area of expertise (photo studio construction, photography, lighting or 360° software). These are certainly valuable. Do make sure, however, that the turntable they offer is reliable and ready for the future. The differences in durability, control and reliability are huge.

    Looking for a complete photo studio? We offer a Total Solution for car photography!

  • What can turntable manufacturer Pre-Motion do for my business?
    Our speciality is the production of high-quality turntables with various positioning options. Since 2008 we’ve been installing turntables for a variety of clients. As manufacturers of turntables for car companies and auto shows we’ve been involved with car photography and filming since 2011. By now we have loads of experience with large and small automotive parties.

    Pre-Motion is aware the demand for professional photo series of cars is growing continuously. By now we’ve dealt with all kinds of construction situations. That’s why we’re able to offer our various clients tailored advice and solutions that are a perfect fit.

    Pre-Motion offers a complete studio box including lighting and cameras. Planning to build your own photography space? Feel free to inquire about our construction accessories, like an elevated floor with a perfect fit, or wall elements. These can help you or your contractor realise a photography space with ease. In addition to our own input, we always advise our clients to listen well to their (local) photographer and lighting expert.

Our experience with turntables for car photography

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