Car photography turntable | Basic Solution

Car photography turntable | Basic Solution

A car turntable is perfect for creating professional photo series of your car stock. The turntable can be incorporated in the floor of your planned new location, or in your (existing) photo space. Optionally, Pre-Motion can provide construction aids like a turntable template. The basic controls can be upgraded with flexible Photo-Motion positioning software for 360° photography.

Looking for a turntable with construction accessories like an elevated floor and photo walls? Check out our Top Solution. We can even provide a complete photo studio!

  • Turntable with controls (positioning optional)
  • Optional: turntable rim + wooden template for recess in concrete
  • We’ll gladly collaborate with your architect or photo specialist
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Production to order, expected delivery time 4 - 6 weeks
Basic solution for efficient car photography

You create your own photo space and choose a high-quality turntable with which you can photograph your cars for years without any problems. The most popular turntable for car photography is Ø 4.5 metres, with a carrying capacity of 3000 kg. All passenger cars will fit on this; including the extended Audi A8L, for instance. Do you photograph many commercial vehicles, campers and other heavy vehicles? Go for our Ø 5-metre turntable -or perhaps an even bigger one. Don’t choose a turntable that’s unnecessarily large. For good car photos, the cars have to be placed exactly in the middle of your revolving platform. An (overly) large turntable makes centering the car on the platform more difficult.

We manufacture our car turntables ourselves in our workshop in Veenendaal (the Netherlands). Our turntables are low-noise and only 15 cm high, and they’re built with high-quality parts, including motors, wheels and bearings. This ensures reliability and a long service life.

Turntable control

The turntable comes with basic controls: start/stop, left/right and speed. Want to photograph all cars from the exact same angles? Upgrade your controls with optional automatic positioning, camera control or photo organizer. Choose from various control options for optimal 360° car photography and 3D animations!

Recessed or surface-mounted installation?

For car photography it’s best, in both an aesthetic and a practical sense, to either 1) recess the turntable in your existing floor or 2) construct an elevated floor around the turntable. This way it’s easy to roll cars on and off the platform and the platform becomes virtually invisible in your photos.

1. Recessed installation in your concrete floor

For recessed installation, there has to be a perfectly round and flat recess for the turntable in your concrete floor. The flat bottom of this recess will obviously have to be strong enough to carry the weight of the car and the turntable. To realize such a recess, Pre-Motion can provide construction plans. Optionally, we can install a wooden template with a stainless steel rim before your contractor starts pouring the concrete. Once the contractor has finished, we’ll remove the template and install the turntable. Pre-Motion will gladly help you on your way to a successful recessed installation!

2. Surface-mounted installation on your floor

Pre-Motion installs the turntable on your floor. Then you build an elevated floor around it yourself. You can also leave the turntable as it is. In that case we recommend a turntable with side finish and ramps.

Would you rather have Pre-Motion build the elevated floor? In that case, choose our Top Solution: a turntable with surrounding elevated floor including a sloping side. Not sure whether you want recessed or surface-mounted installation? Read more about the differences between recessed and surface-mounted installation on our web page about turntable integration possibilities.

Personal advice

Do you have questions about this Basic Solution for car photography? Feel free to contact a turntable specialist from Pre-Motion. Want to know more about taking professional car photos? Read Pre-Motion's tips for better car photography!

Turntable(s) for the realization of your concept

Have you developed your own concept and are you looking for a manufacturer of high-quality turntables? Pre-Motion can be your partner as a turntable supplier. We’ll gladly make individual arrangements with you. Depending on the number of turntables you need, we can agree on a price. If so desired, we can also deliver under white label.

Looking for a full-blown studio box for your location? Check out our complete photo studio for car photography.

Diameter turntable Ø 450 cm (optionally larger)
Recessed and/or surface-mounted installation? Recessed, Surface-mounted (free-standing)
Construction material Steel
Aluminium version available? No
Finish top Plywood top surface
Turntable height incl. plywood 15 cm
Standard load bearing capacity 3000 kg
Carrying capacity heavy version 4000 kg
Carrying capacity extra-heavy version No extra-heavy version available
Lightweight aluminium No lightweight version available
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Rotation speed Continuously adjustable: approximately 0.60-1.50 rotation per minute
Extra-slow motors Optional
Extra-fast motors Optional
Direction Counter-clockwise, Clockwise
Power supply Operates on 230 VAC
Power consumption 0.36 KW
Suitable for outdoor use? Optional
Sliding contact (on-board power outlet) Optional (standard 8A)
Positioning available? Optional
Include remote control? Optional
Control via app? Optional
Permanent, mobile or temporary use? Permanent installation
Buy or rent? Buy
Installation of the turntable for car photography
  • The turntable is manufactured and tested extensively at our workshop in Veenendaal.
  • In the case of recessed installation, Pre-Motion can come in during the initial stages of construction to place a wooden template with a stainless-steel rim, after which your contractor can pour the concrete.
  • We install the turntable at your location on the pre-arranged day.
  • Depending on the options chosen, installation can often be completed in a single day.
  • After installation, a Pre-Motion employee will explain how the turntable works.

Once your photo space is completely finished, including proper lighting, you can start taking photos!

Choosing your ideal turntable controls
1. Basic controls

The platform comes equipped with basic controls: start, stop, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation and adjustable speed. With these controls you can start and stop the revolving platform at the push of a button. You take photos manually. This basic control system is also available with optional remote control.

2. Extended controls: flexible 360° positioning software

On a touch panel you can create rotation programmes to an accuracy of one degree; the turntable will follow the programme you’ve entered. At each stop the turntable signals your camera to take a photo. After each photo the turntable rotates to the next position, until the entire programme has been run. In addition to this ‘stop programme’ you can also have the turntable rotate continuously, for 360-degree video recording, for instance. For this purpose, you can adjust the rotation speed.

3. Photo-Motion-Manager: PC control with software

Are you processing many cars a day and is organizing photos a time-consuming task? Or are you taking photos for various customers, each with their own requirements? This control option will come in extremely handy. The Photo-Motion software allows you to create several workflows and export profiles. The photos are no longer stored on the memory card inside the camera, but organized on your PC right away, in a separate folder for each car photographed. This system can be optionally expanded with several cameras for 3D-video animations. Both the turntable and the camera(s) are controlled by the PC.

Read more about turntable control and positioning.