Turntable recessed or surface-mounted

Pre-Motion can often install the turntable at your location in a single day. Choose between recessed installation in your concrete floor or surface-mounted installation on top of the floor. With surface-mounted installation, we can build an elevated floor around the turntable that will match the revolving platform’s height exactly. But you can also leave the turntable free-standing in your space.

1: Turntable recessed

No matter how good your contractor is, creating a perfectly-round recess in a concrete floor turns out to be very hard in practice. We can help you with that, by installing a wooden template with a stainless-steel rim. Below you see photos of the integration process and the end result.

Step 1: You provide a subsurface that can carry the turntable plus its maximum load. If needed, you install wiring in the floor. Pre-Motion will provide detailed plans, accurate to the millimetre.

Step 2: Pre-Motion places a wooden template, surrounded by a stainless-steel rim set at the exact right height.

Then your contractor pours concrete in the area surrounding the template.

Step 3: Pre-Motion removes the template and installs the turntable in the perfectly-round recess.

The turntable with a plywood top surface is at the exact same height as its surroundings and ready to be finished, along with the floor.

2: Turntable surface-mounted

Pre-Motion can build the elevated floor for you; this way, you’re guaranteed to get a great end result. If you’d rather take care of building the elevated floor yourself, Pre-Motion can provide detailed drawings of the turntable, accurate to the millimetre. Below you’ll find some photos of the installation process, the end result and an alternative.

Step 1: Installation of the turntable on top of the existing floor, mounted perfectly level. The floor must be strong enough and as flat as possible.

Step 2: Construction of an elevated floor around the revolving platform. For the best result we recommend CNC machining, to make the floor fit around the turntable perfectly. Make sure to keep an opening of 5 to 6 mm between the revolving platform and the elevated floor.

The turntable with a plywood top surface is at the exact same level as its surroundings and is ready to be finished, along with the elevated floor.

Alternative: the turntable can also be left free-standing in your space. Below, you can see a free-standing turntable with deluxe top surface finish.