Turn shopping into an experience

The distinction between online and offline is fading; consumers buy more online. Offline, they mainly seek to experience the shop. Feeling, smelling and hearing products and seeing them for real!

With a turntable or display conveyor you’ll create the ultimate shopping experience. Movement draws attention and arouses emotions.

Inspiration: ShoeSee belt

Turn window shoppers into paying customers


Pre-Motion presentation systems contribute to innovative shopping experience concepts. Revolving mannequins for the opening of a new clothing store, for instance. Or products on a conveyor belt as the revolving centre of a pop-up store. Your store becomes the place for customers to experience your product.


  • Electric, mobile systems
  • Up to 3 times as many sales
  • Custom displays available

Turntables: Add a twist to your shop floor

Small turntables < Ø 2 m 4
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Discover the creative possibilities of our smaller turntables. All models are in stock and can be ordered online easily.
Example project:
Check out small turntables
Medium turntables Ø 1.5 - 2.5 m 2
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This revolving platform is easy to install and finish. That means you can incorporate it perfectly into your store concept.
Check out project of:
Check out medium turntables
Large turntables Ø 2 - 8 m 4
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Revolving stages are available in diameters of 2 to 8 metres. They can be used to make part of your shop floor revolve.
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Check out large revolving platforms

Popular: electric turntable MAX 100 kg

From € 399.-

Best-selling turntable with shopkeepers. Universally deployable for rotating presentation of television sets or designer chairs, for instance. Can be ordered online right away!

Check out this turntable

New: shop window turntable MAX 30 kg

From € 199.-

Thanks to its special technical construction this turntable is perfect for higher products, like mannequins. Available from stock!

Check out this turntable

Display conveyors: Conveyor belt route through your store

Plug & Play 6
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A quick and easy attention grabber for your store or shop window. This compact display conveyor is easy to install on a table or counter.
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Check out Catwalker Compact
Route Around 7
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Place products like shoes on the Catwalker Single Lane. They’ll go around your shop window or store. All kinds of conveyor belt routes are possible!
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Check out Catwalker Single Lane
Route Return 4
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Maximum flexibility with the Catwalker Twin Lane; you can set it up entirely to your wishes. Let your products go around your store along any route you choose.
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Check out Catwalker Twin Lane
Large products conveyor 5
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The Catwalker Giant is perfect for large products like mannequins. You can have them ‘walk’ from your shop window into your store, for instance.
Check out project of:
Check out Catwalker Giant
Bar with conveyor belt 6
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This Catwalker Sushi Bar series consists of bar systems of various sizes. Available in numerous designs and various shapes!
Check out project of:
Check out Catwalker Sushi Bar
Specials / customization 4
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In-store concepts for shop formats require tailor-made solutions. Depending on your budget, we offer lots of possibilities.
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Custom display conveyor

Inspiration for your store or shop window

Turntables and display conveyors can be built into your own design. This means our presentation systems fit in any interior concept or store design. Looking for inspiration? Check out our worldwide store and shop window projects.

For sale and rent

Would you like to test a new shop concept? Or are you having a temporary in-store campaign? Our dynamic turntables and conveyor belt systems are not only for sale, but for rent as well. Rental periods vary from a single day to several months.


Choosing the right presentation system for your store or shop window can be challenging.
We’re happy to assist!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Pre-Motion make the moving systems itself?
    Pre-Motion designs and manufactures the moving presentation systems in-house. We’re involved with the entire process: from design and production to assembly and service.
  • Are the moving presentation systems only for sale, or also for rent?
    All moving presentation systems are for sale. Various turntables and display conveyor models are also for rent.

    You can indicate a rental period in days or weeks, depending on the product chosen. Please contact us by phone or email to check if the presentation system is still available for the dates of your choice.

  • Who takes care of the installation of my turntable or display conveyor?
    Pre-Motion will install your rented or purchased system for you. It is important you make sure there’s a power outlet nearby. Also, your floor or furniture should be ready for the installation of the presentation system.

    Following a consultation with us, you can also install and disassemble the presentation system yourself. This can be particularly useful for clients who rent frequently, or clients outside Europe. We will explain the process, and if necessary, provide installation training.

  • Can Pre-Motion give me an indication of the costs?
    PFor many presentation systems Pre-Motion already provides an indication of the price, or a starting price, online. For complex conveyor belt routes or large presentation systems, we can provide a tailor-made quotation. Please send us your request, as specific as possible, by email or (quotation) form.

  • What kind of customers does Pre-Motion cater to?
    Pre-Motion sells and rents presentation systems to businesses (B2B). We cater to end-users and intermediaries, like stand builders, communications agencies and car companies.

    Pre-Motion builds and delivers the moving presentation system. Your own party takes care of the design of your space. We’ll gladly collaborate with your architect or interior designer to incorporate the presentation system into your space. In rental projects, Pre-Motion often collaborates with events agencies and stand builders to arrive at beautiful results.

‘We have been using our Catwalker Compact in our shop window for over 6 years now. It’s guaranteed to draw attention and stop customers in their tracks. The conveyor belt is running every day (24/7) without any problems. [...] Highly recommended!!!’

Marcus Carl - Martin Carl Optik