Android devices on conveyor belt

Let's go back to January 2011: at the time, Android was not well known among a large number of people. That had to change. On the world's most famous event for telephones in Barcelona, Google presented over a hundred smartphones on a conveyor belt by Pre-Motion. Due to the huge success, Google repeated this winning concept for smaller events in Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan.

A user of Twitter sent out the following tweet about the Google Android event: 'Love, love, love Google's Android conveyor belt here. Sums up Apple versus Android perfectly!'

Product launch event Catwalker Single Lane (tailor-made)

Barcelona's star

The success of the Google stand was in part thanks to the unique product presentation concept. 'When you see the conveyor belt featuring the Android devices, then you understand why the platform is expanding... and is enjoying great success', stated a visitor.

Pre-Motion created a tailor-made conveyor belt especially for the occasion. The sushi belt formed the basis for the construction of a built-in display conveyor, which provided space for over a hundred smartphones and tablets. The use of mirrors allowed the devices to be viewed from every angle of the stand at the trade fair. The conveyor belt (measuring 36 metres in length) conveyed the message that an increasing number of devices work with the Android operating system in visual form.

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