360° product photography with a turntable

Website visitors want an online product experience that matches that of a physical store as much as possible. This means professional imagery is becoming increasingly important. The quality of your photos and videos will determine your online sales. How are you dealing with this?

Making 360-degree image sliders with ease


With a turntable you can easily make professional 360° photos and animations of all your products. Arrange for a well-lit room with a neutral background. Set up your camera and you’ll shoot sharp photo series within minutes. These beautiful pictures form a solid basis for your professional online product presentation and 3D images.


  • Set exact start and stop positions
  • For frequent and prolonged use
  • Manufactured by Pre-Motion in Veenendaal (NL)

Small turntables < Ø 1.5 m 5
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Presentation platforms for small products. Affordable tool for photographers.
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Turntables Ø 1.5 - 2.5 m 6
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Suitable turntable for spinning large products including furniture, mopeds and bicycles.
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Revolving stages Ø 2 - 8 m 9
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Perfect for 360° photography of heavy and large products. Positioning control and adjustable speed.
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Photographing your products yourself?

We manufacture and supply revolving platforms that are perfect for product photography. Their industrial quality ensures long-term use. The smart operating software allows for the continual starting and stopping of the turntables. Our turntables are for sale and for rent.

Designing photo studios?

Want to offer your clients a complete package, with turntables and photography software included? Pre-Motion is an experienced supplier of heavy revolving platforms, with smart software. Please contact us for more information; we gladly inform you about the possibilities.


We’re happy to offer you advice on the best turntable for your specific product photography needs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s important when choosing the right turntable?
    Which turntable you need, depends not only on the weight; weight distribution is equally important. The maximum weight capacity mentioned with each turntable is based on products placed in the centre of the platform. Want to distribute the weight on a turntable eccentrically? Then we recommend a heavier turntable; our medium turntables and large revolving platforms can be loaded eccentrically.

    The diameter of the top plate is also an important factor. With a large diameter there will be a leverage effect. This means you will need a larger revolving platform when you’re using a larger presentation disc.

    What exactly does the leverage effect entail? A good example to illustrate the effect is lifting a bucket full of water. You’ll probably find it easy to lift a bucket of ten kilos. But when you’re asked to hold the same bucket with your arm extended -with the bucket at about half a metre from your body- it suddenly becomes almost impossible to hold the bucket in the air. This leverage principle plays an important role with turntables, when carrying a load that’s not in the middle or is not evenly distributed.

  • I need power on the platform. Is that possible?
    Want to spin an electric device on the turntable? Or you want lighting on the platform? You’ll need a turning power connection. In such cases, select the extra option ‘sliding contact’. A 230 V power connection (connector block) will turn along with the platform.
  • Can I place my product directly on the platform?
    It depends on the type of turntable you choose.

    Our webshop turntables are sold without top plate. This allows you to screw on the presentation platform of your choice yourself. This is very easy to do. If so desired, you can also order a presentation disc with your turntable; Pre-Motion offers them in various diameters and materials.

    Revolving platforms with a diameter of 150 cm and up are sold with a sturdy top surface of laminated wood, which you may finish in any manner you choose.

  • Can I adjust the speed of an electric turntable myself?
    No; electric turntables only have one rotation speed, varying from 1 to 2.5 rotation(s) per minute. You can check out the rotation speed of a specific turntable by looking for the tab with Specifications under each product.

    However, for the MAX 100 - 200 - 300 kg turntable, you are able to lower the speed of rotation continuously up to -40% by purchasing speed control with your turntable.

  • Can I adjust the direction of an electric turntable?
    Electric turntables only turn in one direction (usually clockwise). You can check out the direction of a specific turntable by looking for the tab with Specifications under each product.

    Exception: for the MAX 500 - 750 kg turntable you are, however, able to make the turntable rotate in both directions by selecting the option for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.

  • Can I make turntables rotate faster with speed control?
    No; you are only able to lower the speed of rotation of our MAX 100 - 200 - 300 kg turntable continuously up to -40%.

  • How can I mount a presentation disc on a turntable?
    We provide a step-by-step guide for mounting a presentation disc on your turntable.

    Our web shop offers presentation discs of Ø 30 - 80 cm. Please note that these presentation discs are too large for the two smallest turntables in our web shop: the MAX 4 kg turntable and the MAX 5 kg turntable. You are, however, able to mount your own presentation disc to one of those small turntables (< Ø 30 cm).

  • Does Pre-Motion supply screws when buying a presentation disc?
    Yes; the presentation disc comes with a small plastic bag with 6 screws + 6 rings.

  • Can I remove the revolving power source of an electric turntable myself?
    If you want to convert the turntable into a turntable without power outlet, you should contact us. For a small fee, we can open open up the turntable, remove the revolving power source for you and then send the converted turntable back to you.

    Please note: the turntable is not covered under warranty after you have opened up the turntable yourself.

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

Alfred Stieglitz - American Photographer