Solving parking problems with a revolving platform

Turntables offer surprising solutions to tricky parking problems
Parking spots take up a lot of (valuable) space. How to solve this problem...? By turning cars in the right direction by means of a revolving platform, you can make maximum use of the space available. Perfect for new and existing parking garages!

A revolving solution for any location
Pre-Motion designs and manufactures both indoor and outdoor turntables. There’s a smart solution to any parking problem: from a tight driveway to large underground parking garages. Pre-Motion supplies parking solutions for offices, car companies, shopping malls, hotels and many more.


With a parking turntable you can easily turn your car around: you drive your car onto the platform and activate the carousel with your remote control. Within seconds your car turns to the pre-programmed position. Subsequently you can park your car without any problems.

Creating more space

  • With 1 push of the button to the right position
  • Limit the room required for manoeuvring
  • Increase the number of parking spots



✓ Creating more parking spots

Housing with parking comes at a premium in large cities. How do architects solve the problem of lack of space?

Pre-Motion offers turntables with a smart parking system, where each resident gets their own remote control. At the push of a button a resident turns the revolving platform to face their own parking spot.

✓ Forward entry and exit

Do you have insufficient room to safely exit your driveway in reverse, because you live on a busy road, for instance?

With a carousel you can easily turn your car 180 degrees in your garage. This way you can easily leave your parking spot driving forward.

Recessed turntable in a parking garage

Turntable possibilities & specifications

All our car turntables can be built into your concrete floor, or on top of your floor. Our standard turntable is Ø 4.5 metres and has a bearing capacity of 3000 kg. Most cars will fit on this platform. We also offer bigger platforms for larger vehicles, like a turntable of Ø 5.0 metres or Ø 6.0 metres. The bearing capacity can be increased up to a maximum of 5000 kg.

Design & manufacturing by Pre-Motion

Pre-Motion will design the right parking solution for you. You choose the positioning and control options of the turntable.

We will manufacture your car turntable in-house. Curious to find out how we do it? Read more about in-house manufacturing.


We’ll gladly help you find the right parking solution.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Pre-Motion make the turntable itself?
    Yes, we develop and manufacture the turntables in our own shop in Veenendaal. Delivery and installation are also provided by Pre-Motion. Our speciality is the production of high-quality turntables with various positioning possibilities. We’re happy to collaborate with your architect or interior builder to create a beautiful end result.
  • Are the turntables only for sale, or for rent as well?
    All turntables are for sale. Several turntable models are also for rent. You can rent a turntable for a single day or longer.

    You can indicate a rental period in days or weeks, depending on the product chosen. Please contact us by phone or mail to check if the turntable is still available for the dates of your choice.

  • What does a turntable cost?
    The price depends on numerous factors, including size, finish, control and positioning options of the turntable. We can offer you an estimate if you let us know the diameter you desire, the product you wish to present and any control options you would like.

    For small turntables and medium turntables we have fixed prices. You can customise these products on our website to suit your specific needs. The price will depend on the options you select.

  • How is a turntable installed?
    You can have us incorporate of assemble the turntable at your location. Pre-Motion will install the rented or purchased system for you. It is important you make sure there’s a power outlet nearby. Also, your floor should be entirely flat for the turntable installation.

    Following a consultation with us, you can also install and disassemble the revolving platform yourself. This can be particularly useful for clients who buy or rent a mobile turntable, or clients outside Europe. We will explain the process, and if necessary provide installation training.

    Including plans for a turntable in the routing of your new building? If so, you can have the turntable installed flush with the floor. Pre-Motion can assist with the building plans. We can provide a template and a stainless steel rim to help create a perfectly round recess in your floor.

  • What does Pre-Motion have to offer compared to other suppliers?
    Pre-Motion has a very extensive assortment of turntables for sale and for rent. Our turntables are high quality and built to spin for years: you get the best value for your money. At Pre-Motion, you buy directly from the product’s designer and manufacturer. This offers advantages; we can adapt the turntable to your specific wishes.

“The question is: why can’t parking lots be modest paradises?”

Eran Ben-Joseph - American professor & writer