Catwalker Twin Lane

Create your ideal route and have your products ‘walk’ into the room
The Catwalker Twin Lane shows your products from all sides. Suitable for product presentations as well as catering. Connect straight and curved modules creatively to form an L-, Z- or U-shape, for instance. This way you can compose your own catwalk moving back and forth through your space. Place your ‘models’ on moving platforms and let the show begin!

Pre-Motion offers 3 versions of this Route Return. For permanent installation at your location or as a mobile display conveyor you can transport yourself. Additionally it’s possible to rent the Twin Lane for trade shows or other events.

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Characteristics of the Twin Lane display conveyor

  • Put your products in the spotlight, like on a catwalk
  • Create your own route from various modules
  • Suitable for sushi restaurants and product presentations
  • Installed easily on your own furniture
  • Suitable event furniture also available

You choose the shape and finish yourself!

Some examples

U-shape with rounded and sharp-cornered design

Permanent display conveyor 1
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Fixed installation at locations for permanent use. Suitable option for museums, shops and (sushi) restaurants, for instance.
Twin Lane installation fixed
Mobile display conveyor 1
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You buy modules and can use them for temporary presentations when needed. Suitable for catering, trade show booths and hotels, for instance.
Twin Lane installation mobile
Rental display conveyor 1
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Rent this Catwalker for your trade show booth, for instance. If so desired, Pre-Motion will take care of installation and disassembly at your location.
Twin Lane installation rental

Buy or rent?

Most moving presentation systems are for sale as well as for rent. Rental available for a single day or longer. If so desired, Pre-Motion will take care of transport and installation at your location.

Own design & in-house manufacturing

Pre-Motion designs and produces almost all moving presentation systems in-house. Curious to find out how? Read more about design and in-house manufacturing.

‘We’ve been using the sushi conveyor belt for 6 years -12 hours a day. It’s still running like new. It only requires a bare minimum of maintenance; after three years one tiny part had to be replaced due to wear. Technical support is excellent! Highly recommended!’

Xuan Quang Nguyen (July 2016)