Smart solutions, thanks to a turntable

Pre-Motion’s revolving platforms are used in all sorts of ways. For things like industrial applications, tricky parking situations and 3D scans.

A turntable can save you a lot of time and space. The operating software with programmable stop positions enables you to determine exactly when and how far the platform revolves. What would you like to use a revolving platform for?


Movement not only draws attention; it can also be used in very practical ways. With smart movement, many difficult problems can be solved easily.

Smart movement requires smart adaptations. Pre-Motion has all kinds of extra options available to enhance your revolving platform: adjustable turning speed, extended control options, mechanisms for lifting and tilting, water-resistant motors and a sliding contact.


  • Turntables in various sizes
  • Fixed and mobile versions available
  • Design & manufacturing by Pre-Motion


A smart revolving platform can be used in all kinds of places.
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