Original concept for art exhibitions and theatre productions

Looking for an innovative idea for your theatre company or art gallery? Our revolving stages and display conveyors add movement to your show or exhibition. For sale and for rent. Pre-Motion can install the presentation system into or on your stage, set or exhibition space.

Amaze your audience


Turntables allow for creative, exciting concepts. A revolving platform can also be used in a practical way, for set changes during a theatre show.

Display conveyors bring your artworks to life. Moving art attracts more attention than stationary objects!


  • Quiet and reliable
  • Hygienic and maintenance-free
  • Easily incorporated into sets


Electric turntables < Ø 2.0 m 3
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Be creative and have a work of art or artist spin around. You can order electric turntables online right away!
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Check out turntable web shop
Turntables Ø 1.5 - 2.5 m 3
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Lightweight medium turntables for mobile use. These are perfect for shows on tour.
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Check out medium turntables
Turntables Ø 2.0 - 8.0 m 6
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Revolving platforms for temporary exhibition or permanent installation. In your museum or on your stage.
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Check out large revolving stages

Display conveyors

Route Around through your space 6
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Have your product move through your space creatively, on a conveyor belt. It will bring your message to life!
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Check out Catwalker Single Lane
Route Return in your space 5
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Present your art dynamically! On a display conveyor your products will ‘walk‘ through your gallery.
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Check out Catwalker Twin Lane
Large products conveyor 8
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Create a real catwalk for your work of art: present art objects on moving platforms.
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Check out Catwalker Giant Series

Buy or rent a presentation system?

All our turntables and display conveyors are for sale. Several models can also be rented, for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Curious to find out how we manufacture our presentation systems? Read more about the manufacturing process at Pre-Motion.

Fixed and permanent installation

A touring show or exhibition? Our lightweight mobile turntable could be the answer, with carts for transport included, if you want. Available in three diameters: Ø 3 m, Ø 5.5 m and Ø 8 m. For long-term use on a fixed location, we recommend a turntable for permanent installation.


Looking for a suitable revolving platform of conveyor belt system for your museum, theatre or cultural centre?
We’re happy to assist!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Pre-Motion make the moving systems itself?
    Pre-Motion designs and manufactures the moving presentation systems in-house. We’re involved with the entire process: from design and production to assembly and service.
  • Are the moving presentation systems only for sale, or also for rent?
    All moving presentation systems are for sale. Various turntables and display conveyor models are also for rent.

    You can indicate a rental period in days or weeks, depending on the product chosen. Please contact us by phone or email to check if the presentation system is still available for the dates of your choice.

  • Who takes care of the installation of my turntable or display conveyor?
    Pre-Motion will install your rented or purchased system for you. It is important you make sure there’s a power outlet nearby. Also, your floor or furniture should be ready for the installation of the presentation system.

    Following a consultation with us, you can also install and disassemble the presentation system yourself. This can be particularly useful for clients who rent frequently, or clients outside Europe. We will explain the process, and if necessary, provide installation training.

  • Can Pre-Motion give me an indication of the costs?
    PFor many presentation systems Pre-Motion already provides an indication of the price, or a starting price, online. For complex conveyor belt routes or large presentation systems, we can provide a tailor-made quotation. Please send us your request, as specific as possible, by email or (quotation) form.

  • What kind of customers does Pre-Motion cater to?
    Pre-Motion sells and rents presentation systems to businesses (B2B). We cater to end-users and intermediaries, like stand builders, communications agencies and car companies.

    Pre-Motion builds and delivers the moving presentation system. Your own party takes care of the design of your space. We’ll gladly collaborate with your architect or interior designer to incorporate the presentation system into your space. In rental projects, Pre-Motion often collaborates with events agencies and stand builders to arrive at beautiful results.

"Give me a museum and I'll fill it."

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