Exhibition Catwalk on a conveyor belt at the Rijksmuseum

Pre-Motion’s conveyor belt with dresses was the centrepiece of the successful Catwalk exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. Check out the beautiful photos and video!

‘The centrepiece, a conveyor belt on which 22 dresses from the 20th century glide by, is a place to linger for hours.‘

NRC (Dutch newspaper) - S. Heerma v. Voss

‘The highlight of the fashion exhibition Catwalk at the Rijksmuseum? A moving catwalk on which over twenty dresses pass by.’

Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper) - B. Lampe

‘The dynamic catwalk is a great idea of photographer Erwin Olaf, who got the honour of designing the exhibition.’

De Digitale Kunstkrant (Dutch magazine) - E. Pol