Photo-Motion photo box for 360-degree car photography at DAGO

Since 2011, Pre-Motion’s been developing and manufacturing revolving platforms with smart operating software and various positioning options. From our role as a turntable manufacturer, we now also supply complete photo studios for 360-degree product photography. In the automotive industry in particular we see a growing demand for more efficient product photography.

For customers needing an efficient total solution for product photography, we design and manufacture complete tailor-made studio boxes. A sturdy and smoothly running turntable forms the basis of this studio box. Additionally, Pre-Motion can supply an elevated floor around the revolving platform (including a ramp), photo walls with a rounded corner, camera equipment and lighting. With a total solution for 360-degree photography, your photography process is guaranteed to run smoother and faster!

DAGO Autogroep in Doetinchem has been using a complete Photo-Motion photo studio for car photography since mid-2017. The studio box measuring 7.0 x 9.0 metres has been positioned conveniently in the routing: between the cleaning department and the storage area in the parking lot behind DAGO’s building. Thanks to smartly positioned cameras, well-balanced lighting and the white background with rounded corner, they can now create beautiful photo series of their cars in no time. The photos have a uniform, neutral appearance and show every detail. Now, DAGO’s potential buyers can easily compare cars online and choose their favourite model.

Website visitors can simply choose and order a car from home, on their laptop or iPad. Curious what such a 360-degree online car presentation looks like? Check out the 3D spin below!

360° slider

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