Proud supplier of all rotating platforms in the new Audi Design Centre in Ingolstadt

For Pre-Motion, the opening of the new Audi AG Design Centre in Ingolstadt (Germany) is a new milestone; our car turntables are used in all kinds of spaces in this ultra-modern building – even on the roof terrace. Each rotating platform has its own function within the high-quality Audi design process. The accompanying software ensures that designers, photographers and assessors can position the Pre-Motion turntables with exceptional precision. The car models are ultimately photographed 360° on a rotating platform in the high-tech photo studio.

 Audi Design Center

The building is made of special glass that allows light to penetrate from outside, but prevents the curious from looking in

All designers under one roof
In October 2017 the introduction of the new Audi A7 Sportback coincided with the opening of the new Audi Design Centre in Ingolstadt. Audi introduces innovative models with state-of-the-art technologies every year. Hence Audi designers must develop studio models into new series models at a rapid pace under the leadership of Marc Lichte, Head of Design. Having all of the designers working under one roof has made the process extremely efficient.

New building - new design process
A new and innovative design process has been set up inside the walls of this brand-new building: ‘Digital Design Manufactory’. This new method of design is a combination of traditional and modern: Audi works both with hand-made scale models, as well as with the latest CAD technology and 3D visualisation. Where Audi Design employed two hundred people in 2000, this important division of the company now employs as many as four hundred. Thus, the new Design Centre was crucial in turning the number of challenging projects into successes.

Marc Lichte (Audi's Head of Design)

Marc Lichte (Head of Design) on a Pre-Motion turntable - installed on the roof terrace of the Audi Design Centre

Rotating platforms support the new design methodology
The Audi design process is broken down into five phases: 1) portfolio phase, 2) first design phase, 3) concept phase, 4) digital design phase & 5) production design phase. Pre-Motion car rotating platforms are deployed in each phase: in this way the turntables help the designers to assess and shape all 360 degrees of the Audi concept cars. The outdoor turntables on the design centre roof terrace are fitted with special heating elements, which ensures that the rotating discs also continue to function optimally during the cold winter months.

Audi A7

Previous successful collaborations between Audi AG and Pre-Motion
Audi AG’s commission to Pre-Motion to supply all car turntables with control software for the new design centre followed a number of previous rotating platform and management/control projects in and around the Audi plant in Ingolstadt. These positive collaborations ensured that both Audi and Pre-Motion could confidently develop this challenging project for the design centre.

Involved throughout the construction trajectory as a car turntable manufacturer
Pre-Motion worked on this new construction project for as long as 2.5 years, from commission to delivery. In addition to supplying the rotating platforms in the Audi test halls, we were also involved in the tendering and realisation of the construction plan. To this end, we also worked with international architects and large-scale construction companies. Pre-Motion looks back on this intensive collaborative project with pleasure. We are also proud to add these activities to our list of references with tasks for Audi AG.

Turntable with Audi A7 on the roof terrace

Innovative design process in the new Design Centre

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