Turntable MAX 50 kg

Turntable MAX 50 kg

To present products weighing up to 50 kg, such as shop window items. Available with and without revolving power source. Presentation surface of max. Ø 60 cm.

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Turntable for original product presentations

Turntable for small products up to 50 kg when used standing. When hanging, the maximum carrying capacity is 25 kg and wall-mounted it’s 10 kg. Available with and without revolving power source.

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  • Mannequin torsos
  • Children's shop mannequins
  • Small displays

IMPORTANT: If you're looking for a turntable, don't only focus on the maximum load bearing capacity. To a large extent the height and size of the product you are presenting actually determine the required table size. For larger and higher products you need to compensate for the increased weight resulting from leverage. The maximum load bearing capacity decreases significantly for larger products.

TIP: Compare the size of your product to the stated application to assess the turntable's correct load bearing capacity.

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Larger quantities available on request.

Max. centrical load 50 kg (standing), 25 kg (hanging), 10 kg (wall-mounted)
Carrying plate diameter Ø 22.5 cm
Max. diameter presentation disc (advice) Ø 60 cm
Overall height 10.1 cm
Dead weight 3.3 kg / 3.9 kg
Adjustable rotation speed? No
Housing material Metal construction in white plastic housing
Power consumption 6 Watt
Power supply Operates on 230V (grounded plug with 2 m cord)
Suitable for outdoor use? No
Collecting ring Optionally up to 900 W, 4 A
Buy or rent? Buy
Rotation speed 2.5 rotations/minute
Direction Clockwise
Possible application Standing, Hanging, Wall-mounted
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