Turntable Ø 8 m | rent

Turntable Ø 8 m | rent

Ø 8-metre rental turntable. The largest turntable from our revolving stages series. Suitable for trade fairs, or for museums and film studios, for instance.

  • Very quiet and revolving smoothly
Request a rental quote (starting at € 6,095.- ex. VAT)
Availability depending on your rental period
Rent a Ø 8 m turntable

Rental revolving platform with a 8-metre diameter. The turntable has been manufactured in-house by Pre-Motion, in the Netherlands. This revolving platform is low-noise and only 15 cm high, with durable motors. The platform can revolve clockwise and counter-clockwise and its rotation speed is adjustable. This revolving platform is sold with a solid plywood top surface. You can finish this top surface yourself, with carpet or any other finish you desire.

This aluminium turntable has a carrying capacity of 2500 kg. Also check out the for-sale version of this Ø 8-metre turntable.

Examples of applications
  • Film studio, TV studio or show act
  • Product photography and product videography
  • Revolving trade show stage or theatre podium

This revolving platform is extremely stable. The audience can safely sit, stand or walk on the turntable during a show. Important: Our rental turntables are for indoor use only. Outdoor use is only allowed under a waterproof cover.

Extra options
  • On-board power outlet
  • Black plastic side finish
  • Remote control
  • Freely programmable stop positions

Personal advice

Do you have questions about renting this revolving platform? Please contact us.

Diameter turntable Ø 800 cm
Recessed and/or surface-mounted installation? Recessed, Surface-mounted (free-standing)
Construction material Aluminium
Aluminium version available? Yes
Finish top Plywood top surface
Turntable height incl. plywood 15 cm
Standard load bearing capacity 2500 kg (aluminium version)
Carrying capacity heavy version No heavy version available
Carrying capacity extra-heavy version No extra-heavy version available
Lightweight aluminium No lightweight version available
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Rotation speed Continuously adjustable: approximately 0.35-0.88 rotation per minute
Extra-slow motors Optional
Extra-fast motors Optional
Direction Counter-clockwise, Clockwise
Power supply Operates on 230 VAC
Power consumption 0.72 KW
Suitable for outdoor use? Optional
Sliding contact (on-board power outlet) Optional (standard 8A)
Positioning available? Optional
Include remote control? Optional
Control via app? Optional
Permanent, mobile or temporary use? Temporary use
Buy or rent? Rent
Installation of the revolving platform

The turntable isn’t heavy and is easy to transport. Pre-Motion can install the revolving platform for you at your (event) location. Minimal play on the outer edge will ensure perfect integration with your (podium) floor. Remember: the floor must be stable and completely flat. A control box (40 x 40 x 25 cm) is included with the rental of this revolving platform.

The turntable comes with a plywood top surface. This surface you can finish yourself, with carpet, for instance. The revolving platform can be incorporated perfectly in your elevated floor or podium. Want to leave the turntable free-standing in your space? Pre-Motion can provide a black plastic side finish, if so desired.

Renting with Pre-Motion, how does it work?
  • Step 1: Create the revolving platform you want by indicating the rental period and any options you’d like.
  • Step 2: Request a complete quote (including transport costs) by entering your personal details and submitting your quote request.
  • Step 3: You’ll receive a final quote from us by e-mail, as soon as possible. If anything is unclear, we’ll contact you by phone to discuss your request.
  • Step 4: After we’ve received your confirmation, we’ll check if the turntable is available for your rental period. After that the order is final.
  • Step 5: Pre-Motion will install the revolving platform at your event location. Also see Installation and transport.
  • Step 6: At the end of the rental period, Pre-Motion will disassemble the turntable for you.