Turntable Ø 2 m | buy

Turntable Ø 2 m | buy

This Ø 2 m turntable is the smallest one from our series of large revolving stages. This turntable is sturdy, stable and only 15 cm high. Standard carrying capacity is 2000 kg. Pre-Motion also offers a heavy version (max. 3000 kg). Suitable for recessed or surface-mounted installation in your photo studio, showroom or store.

  • Very quiet and revolving smoothly
  • Heavy version (< 3000 kg) available
  • 360° positioning software with stops optional
Starting at € 7,950.- ex. VAT
Request a quote | Production to order, expected delivery time approx. 6 weeks
Buy a Ø 2-metre turntable

The revolving platform is virtually noiseless and only 15 cm high, with durable motors. The turntable is extremely stable; people can safely sit, stand or walk on the revolving platform. Can carry loads up to 2000 kg. Design, manufacture and installation are all handled by Pre-Motion.

Also check out the rental version of this Ø 2-metre turntable.

Incorporating a turntable in your space

We can incorporate the revolving platform in your concrete floor for you, or install it on top of your existing floor. If you choose surface-mounted installation, you can either build an elevated floor around the platform, or leave the turntable free-standing in your space. For a free-standing turntable, Pre-Motion can take care of the side finish for you. Not sure whether to choose recessed or surface-mounted installation? Read more about integration options.

Heavier version (max. 3000 kg)

The standard carrying capacity of this Ø 2 m turntable is 2000 kg. Are you looking for a turntable for heavier products or products with a higher point load? We also have a heavy version (max. 3000 kg) of this revolving platform.

Max. 2000 kg turntable (standard version). Height: approximately 15 cm including plywood top surface.

Max. 3000 kg turntable (heavy version). Height: approximately 15 cm including plywood top surface.

Extra options with a Ø 2 m turntable

The turntable comes with basic controls in a control box: start/stop, left/right and adjustable speed. By default, Pre-Motion provides the turntable with a plywood finish. You can simply arrange for further finishing of the turntable with a local (floor) supplier. Optional with your turntable:

  • On-board power outlet
  • Remote control
  • Extended controls (including positioning to the degree)
  • Transport carts (convenient if you buy the turntable for mobile use)

Examples of applications
  • 360° product photography
  • Revolving stage for museums or theatres
  • Interactive trade show presentations

Need advice?

Do you have questions about this turntable? Feel free to contact Pre-Motion.

Turntable(s) for the realization of your concept

Have you developed your own concept and are you looking for a manufacturer of high-quality turntables? Pre-Motion can be your partner as a turntable supplier. We’ll gladly make individual arrangements with you. Depending on the number of turntables you need, we can agree on a price. If so desired, we can also deliver under white label.

Diameter turntable Ø 200 cm
Recessed and/or surface-mounted installation? Recessed, Surface-mounted (free-standing)
Construction material Steel
Aluminium version available? No
Finish top Plywood top surface
Turntable height incl. plywood 15 cm
Standard load bearing capacity 2000 kg
Carrying capacity heavy version 3000 kg
Carrying capacity extra-heavy version No extra-heavy version available
Lightweight aluminium No lightweight version available
Adjustable rotation speed? Yes
Rotation speed Continuously adjustable: approximately 0.75-1.80 rotation per minute
Extra-slow motors Optional
Extra-fast motors Optional
Direction Counter-clockwise, Clockwise
Power supply Operates on 230 VAC
Power consumption 0.36 KW
Suitable for outdoor use? No
Sliding contact (on-board power outlet) Optional (standard 8A)
Positioning available? Optional
Include remote control? Optional
Control via app? Optional
Permanent, mobile or temporary use? Permanent installation, Mobile use
Buy or rent? Buy
Delivery and service

In our workshop in Veenendaal, turntables are thoroughly prepared and tested for installation. This way we can provide installation at your location in a single day. Curious to find out how a turntable is installed? Read more about recessed or surface-mounted turntable installation.

Service and attention are definitely paramount for us; a satisfied customer is our starting point and end goal. Our Pre-Motion service team offers expert advice and efficient solutions.

Optionally have this turntable installed by your own technicians

Is your installation location far from our company in the Netherlands? In that case it can be more cost-efficient to have your own technical team install the turntable. Of course, everything will take place after close consultation between your team and Pre-Motion. We’ll ship the turntable to your location with installation instructions included.